I’ve just been reading a continental friend’s post about his experiences with Windows Vista. Though we know already that Vista was not the unalloyed success that it was meant to be, I find it interesting to know, it was not just a problem in the Anglophone computer world.

I knew so many people who would not touch Vista, despite the advertising blitz. They were going to stay with the tried and mostly trusted, Windows XP. A few people did buy new computers and had Vista forced on them as the pre-loaded operating system. A small number of computer users bought into Vista as the ‘must have’ latest all-singing-all-dancing operating system. They soon discovered their error.

After some public outcry, one company made a selling point of offering its most expensive computers with ‘your choice of operating system’ that is, either Vista or XP. But, you had to spend lots of money to get the choice.

Eventually, the advertising and selling hype was silenced; Microsoft just had to go back to basics. The Corporation promised to continue to support the stable and generally approved of Windows XP operating system. (Microsoft had already made clear continuing to support the XP platform, was not what they had intended to do).

So far, it seems that Windows 7 is what Vista never was, serviceable. It does seem to be stable and it has certainly, been better received than Vista ever was. The aggravation caused by the development and marketing of Vista is rarely heard now.

Vista will, I trust, be consigned to the trash along with Windows ME, which was another poor operating system foisted upon the world of computer users.



  1. Yes ! VISTA is some shit. But it is in the computer which we buy…

    It often has problems, of which the last one, (I think) is an update of Windows… it is vulnerable in viruses…

    But it is compatible with almost all the compatible software with XP.

    What is not the case of Windows 7. Windows 7 is not compatible with Reverso software, either with Autocad 2004 (6000 €), nor with the scanner Standard(Cannon) of 2005…

  2. I wisely hopped over Vista and now run Windows 7. It seems to be the most stable Windows so far and although there are backward compatibility problems, none of them effect any programs I use.

  3. Bien sur, j’ai oublie que il est necessaire de faire changements des periferals et l’autre facilite avec
    Windows 7. Est il possible de trouver le ‘drivers’ pour le printer etc? Cannon, peut-etre faire quelque assistance technical.

    Major changes usually mean you need either to buy new printers and scanners, or find a manner in which to create backward compatibility. I know it is not always possible to do so. There can be problems sometimes in changing to new routers (they receive the computer internet signals). Quelle doleur!

  4. That’s good news Munzly about Windows 7. Backward compatibility issues can be really expensive problems. I’ve hopped over to Applemac now, though I still have access to Windows XP on my PC if I want it for anything specific.

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