“Can I speak to you a moment?” I am immediately on guard. This permissive request usually means, I want to take up lots of your time and start as quickly as possible.

There’s a move to another more up-to-date computer, with the same Microsoft operating platform, together with all the old programmes, and it is not going smoothly. Pictures have been uploaded onto the newer computer, into a favoured programme, one which is no longer supported by the creator. While the pictures show up in the programme, there is no sign of them either in the ‘My Pictures’ folder (there isn’t such a folder and there should be – odd) or anything linked to the programme being used. Also, the pictures have been deleted from the camera memory card. Perhaps I can undertake a recovery operation on the memory card, at least.

Inevitably all this means much searching, and I know that it is easily a good few hours of my patience and time that is being sought. An hour in, I decide that I just have to get on with my own tasks and I suggest that we are now at the point where a re-install of the operating system is required…..”Please, take a note of the directions for the re-install on this laptop” I request, “and make a copy the software folders you want to re-install afterwards”

‘There’s a hole in my bucket…how do I do it’ situation developing. :??: I go out, by now, needing to clear my head. When I return I hear that it can all be left for the time being. Why? It’s worse than I thought, I have to explain how to back up the files and folders. I will find the re-install instructions that are on the laptop for printing off. Hopefully, it will work. 88|



  1. I’ll need ‘the very best of’ a few other areas as well. Someone needs to go on a computer training course or two instead of being reliant on what I learned on various courses years ago. It’s much out of date but still serviceable.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. At least menhir you are attempting to solve whatever your computer problems are …me Im afraid rely totally on my son-in-law for any new software to be installed when I say show me he replies no need I enjoy problem solving which is great for me no worries 😉

  3. Hi Lilian,

    Attempting to resolve issues comes from some training I did years ago, when I wanted to find out how to use a computer, learn to use applications, and find out about technical issues I could manage, and problem solving. I have also watched and learned a bit from the ‘experts’ who have been called upon when I have reached the end of my expertise and the end of my tether.

  4. Hi Walrus,

    What do you mean by ‘invalid’. Is it computer terminology, a negation, or a personal social comment?

    You suggest that your computer is so attracted to you, it does what it wants. There would have to be a two-way process at work, perhaps, a dynamic duo?

  5. I can’t remember what I meant. It was late…

    I claimed that all computers like me, which has the result that they co-operate with me. This does beg several questions, none of which I can be bothered to answer…

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