Summery Salads

This is one of my kitchen garden salads.

P1030401 edible

Up close….

P1030400 My salad mix

Shop salad food flavours go nowhere near competing with the glorious garden taste of the freshly picked leaves herbs and flowers from my kitchen garden.


0 thoughts on “Summery Salads

  1. Thank you, LLC. I usually spend time presenting platters of food, this bowl, just produced itself, more-or-less, after I had literally thrown everything in. I admit, for good measure, I rough chopped the parsley and sprinkled that on and it landed sort of centrally.

  2. There was certainly what you call real salad in the bowl. Look again.

    (PS une ‘reel’ est une dance Ecossaise, aussie la bobine. Je ne suis pas certain si tu fait une plaisanterie ?)


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