I am watching Ramsay’s kitchen, tonight, 12th October 2010, the first part is focussed on a Thai restaurant in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland. It is the home of Scotland’s oldest University and a key tournament of golf in the golfing year.

I have to admit to have eaten at the Thai restaurant twice, several months apart. The first visit was an exploration and was interesting. The food was quite good, but in the family’s view, not outstanding. We thought we might consider the restaurant for a second try, if and when we returned to St Andrews, if there was nothing else available that suited us. Not exactly what you would call a major reason for an encore, but there it was. It was okay enough for us to consider to use the restaurant again.

We should not have re-visited. We were seated in a very draughty area and it was in Winter. One couple left. Their table was in a slightly worse position than ours by the open first floor door. Our platters were not served in a reasonable time. We thought of paying for our drinks and leaving when the first of the platters arrived. The meals were generally very salty to our tastes. One dish was so heavily salted, after tasting it, we all thought that half the salt pig had been poured in. It was awful! The staff were called and the problem discussed. A replacement of the same dish was offered. It was declined. We were, therefore, offered a discount which, when the bill arrived, amounted to £2 sterling, a fraction of the cost of the uneatable dish that was received. Hardly appropriate compensation, we felt, for inedible food. The experience, literally left a bad taste.

We would not return ever again to the Thai restaurant in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland. I cannot believe that place figured in Ramsay’s kitchens! It makes me somewhat sceptical about the standards applied to the selection of the competing restaurants.

Yes, the only St. Andrews Thai Restaurant was amazing, but for all the very wrong reasons. It was amazingly awful!!



  1. sorry you had such a bad experience. I always see trying a new restaurant as a gamble, but still try occasionally. But I would have tried to order something else. Usually we order a number of different dishes so that we get an impression of the style of the restaurant and don’t depend just on one dish. Hope the next one will be better.

  2. We did have a variety of dishes, shared, none of them exceptional. The one returned was awful. I would definitely not recommend the Nahm Jin in St Andrews to anyone.

    There is far better food to be obtained in St Andrews’ other restaurants, and in restaurants just outside the town, which do not need to be fronted by a celebrity chef programme. They are so good, they flourish on their reputations for quality.

    We have eaten Thai food in another city. It was a simple restaurant with really excellent dishes on offer. We ordered different dishes each time we visited. The starting point was working from the authentic food and flavours to modifying the flavours to suit individual and Western tastes. Service was good. We have kept the business card and if we return, we will certainly eat at the restaurant again.

  3. You are right, it was an unfortunate experience in Namh Jim’s in St Andrews, Fife. Our first visit there was nothing exceptional, but alright. Our second visit, earlier this year, was awful. The environment was uncomfortable and the food was poor. We waited an excessive time for our meal. I would not pay to eat food there again.

    We have eaten in small Thai restaurants in other places in the U.K. that are very friendly places, S.E. Asian people frequent them, which is a good sign. The food has been really good. We try different dishes when we visit, they have always been well prepared.

  4. I feel sorry for you for what have happened back there in the restaurant. Did they apologize for that? Customers deserve good food and the best service available in a restaurant, and the amount of satisfaction they feel after a meal should be equal to the amount written on the bill. No two items should be less than the other.

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