Accessing Blog UK

I had a dire time trying to access Blog UK last night, 13th October 2010. Was this a general experience?

Needless to say, I gave up.


0 thoughts on “Accessing Blog UK

  1. No although sometimes in the day time I try to make a comment and after I have made the comment it comes up your internet is off line 🙄 it drives me 😡 so I have to repeat the process and write all over again not sure if its my lappy or BCUK menhir 😉

  2. I am inclined to think that there are more times when BCUK are mopping out their cables than we appreciate.

    When your internet is offline, that is a different problem altogether Lilian.

    One thing you can do to avoid having to repeat replies is, to highlight>copy> and go to a blank word document and >paste. Save your word doc with whatever name you want in a place where you’ll find it, and later when you do get online, reverse the process, i.e. in word, highlight>copy> and >paste into Blog UK post you tried to reply to. Hopefully, it won’t happen too often. At one time I was doing that with many comments, in order to deal with a similar issue. It was, I found a lot less hassle than trying to remember what I had said first time round.

  3. I might concur, but Munzly is nowhere near where I am and he experienced the same difficulty. I had no problem with any other web browsing I did, only with a turgid unresponsive BCUK.


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