It is, without a doubt, a great good news factor – a rarity – to know that the thirty-three miners trapped for sixty-nine days in the Chilean mine, with the assistance of modern technology and an international effort, have all been brought up to the surface alive!

As well as wives, extended families and children waiting at the pit head for the miners to return from their accidental murky imprisonment, there were also mistresses waiting there. In some cases, the wives did not know of their existence, or the additional children, till they appeared at Camp Hope. It seems they stayed at the camp just like all the other family members who had a close interest in the thirty-three miners stuck underground.

This revelation could explain why there were some wives who were interviewed, who appeared to be less emotional than others. One wife commented that she hoped the experience would make her husband less arrogant.

Once the initial practical and medical matters are complete, once there is some recovery from the variety of emotional swings and the trauma of the event, when the euphoria has mellowed, there will, in addition, be a wide range of family issues to be resolved, more in some cases than others.



  1. Hearing good news is indeed a rarity :yes: the fact they were all rescued is fantastic those miners reminded us all how fragile life can be which we tend to take for granted ..also it showed the media is not always “heartless” which was refreshing 😉

  2. All those things are excellent. The rescue was completed far, far sooner than originally expected….brilliant!

    It was good that the Chilean Government was not averse to requesting international help, unlike Russia where disasters could have been minimised or become wonderful rescues, if they had accepted help.

    I was also interested in the complexity of the miners’ personal relationships, in number, that appeared at Camp Hope and how the wives mistresses and the extra children above ground operated within the camp.

    There was nothing to be gained by the media to be heartless in the finding and rescue process, for which, I am happy; my sceptical element tells me to wait for the next steps, if they remain of interest.

  3. Their lives and that of their families will alter, no doubt. Those with secrets, have them no more. I hope the children, at least, benefit. And as you say, good luck to them all.

  4. It has been a huge media event, well orchestrated by the president, who is a media expert himself. Did you notice that most, not all, of the miners had a shave before they appeared? It is amazing their mood was so good. I think the anti-depressants they were given helped. Now they have to be slowly taken off the medication. I wish them well.

    I am delighted the Chilean miners survived. The engineers and the technology they devised for the rescue were par excellence. There are so many mining accidents, many in China and Africa, we hear very little about.

  5. I think for me the most terrifying part would have been that final solitary winch to the surface,and the fear that now at the end you could be trapped and this time alone.
    I hope the government honour their commitment to these workers for as long as it takes for them to recover properly from this ordeal and not for only as long as they are within the media spotlight.

  6. Hi Tim,

    We thought about the last moments arriving to the surface. Hubby and I talked about it. I think I would have had a terrible time coping with the living tomb all that time, let alone the first seventeen days. It is good that a certain amount of medical support was able to be given to the miners while they awaited rescue.

    It is fervently hoped that the Chilean (and other) governments keep their promises to all miners, not just the thirty-three who were so superbly saved. The problem is, they don’t. Another problem in China, for example, is the proliferation of unlicensed coal mines.

    The current Chilean president is a media expert, he knows how to keep the media wheels oiled for all purposes, (that suit). He appears less objectionable than Berlusconi, who also knows the media circus backwards.

    Such global spotlight means these men no longer have private lives. It was astounding that one guy asked for both his mistress and his wife to meet him on his arrival at the surface. L’esposa didn’t, the other woman did. You wonder, if it is these complex relationships that encourage some of the men to take the risks with their lives that they do.

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