I visited the GP with an eye problem under the upper lid. A locum was in situ, a nice person though not entirely confidence boosting. “I am not an expert on eyes“, the doctor says.

Lying down on a couch to have my eye looked at was novel. And “could you look down at your feet?” I promise you, I tried. On my back flat out, trying to find my feet was a bit too acrobatic for my eyes. “It might help if I sat or stood up“, I suggested…….”No I want you lying down” said the doctor.

Hm. Would you hold the torch and shine it in your eyes while I try something else. ” Requested the GP. I dutifully did as asked. I felt the lid being lifted; I screeched with pain and strained away, doctor jumped back, ….”that hurt did it, so sorry.”

No surprise I yelled, I saw that the doctor had been trying to poke around in my eye with a wooden throat spatula!! 8|

Should I make a quick exit….”I’m just going to put some drops in your eye….oops, sorry” as the orange fluid covered the whole socket and cavity. The locum GP made a call to the hospital, for an eye specialist to see me as soon as possible.

An hour and a half later, I am still in surgery reception – staff awfully sympathetic – waiting for feedback from the doctor, hospital, and a possible prescription, I decided to leave and wait in the comfort of my own home.

Today, the eye specialist says I have an abrasion on my cornea. No damn wonder.



  1. Good heavens. Surely you don’t have to be an expert on eyes to know that you don’t look at an eye with a spatula!! Hope you feel more comfortable soon.

  2. Hi LLC,

    I may have an opportunity to say something in the not too distant future. It might be, that the doctor is good at other things, or simply, is just out of practice. Certainly not ‘in’ general practice anyway.

  3. Hi GillyK,

    In answer to your point, you would have thought so, wouldn’t you. It has been very uncomfortable. The optical man encouraged treatment to avoid infection…too late, it’s already happened.

    Thanks for your kind wishes.

  4. La médecine prend de plus en plus de retard… In ten years 2/3 “GP”, will be retired in France… What a pity…


  5. Hi Marika,

    The eye has improved but it is a slow process. Just now, it’s two steps forward and one step back. Today is not so good. I haven’t completed the course of treatment yet, for a problem I did not originally have, but one that was created. (The original problem cleared up pretty quickly). At least, I cannot fry eggs on the eye anymore!

    Thanks for your wishes.

  6. I think the doctor needs some input on certain medical practices, the things you do touch and those you don’t unless you have been trained in the elemental requirements.

    She would certainly benefit from guidance given by an eye specialist, or even a very competent optometrist. I did wonder what her area of medical practice had been before she took to locum work.

    Pleasant person though the GP was, I would not have any confidence in her and would avoid any possible future contact.

  7. I think this is very serious and that you should inform the practice manager.I have suffered severe eye problems and I convinced GP s should be punished for this type of dreadful error.My sympathies for the pain,which can be awful/best wishe.

  8. there is something really depressing about this story. I hope you are feeling better now. But it seems to me that you must find a doctor you can trust. According to your medical system, do you have to accept the administrations of whoever happens to be in the clinic when you are in need of service?

  9. Hi Shimon,

    The worst of the clumsy meddling of the doctor, has now passed. There are some momentary irritations. Thanks for asking.

    I live in a very remote place,(that doesn’t mean what happened could not happen elsewhere). In our community there are two medical practices with some full and part-time doctors in each. I am registered with one of the practice groups and don’t have access to the other unless I change the group practice I am registered with.

    If two doctors from my group practice go on holiday around the same time, they do need to obtain the services of a locum to cover some of the service gap. I was offered the services of the locum when I called my practice. As it was an eye problem, I was glad to be given an appointment with a doctor very quickly, so I took it. I had no knowledge about the locum. I did assume a certain level of competency. I had an idea that my condition needed a prescription only medicine. I did eventually obtain the prescription I expected. It would have been great if I had got it without all the additional injury that occurred. I honestly believe, that on this occasion, I would have received better service from a veterinary surgeon!

    If I had waited a day, I probably could have seen a different doctor. If anything similar recurs, I shall ask who is providing cover for emergency requirements.

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