The icon of the World Cup Football games was not the ball, not a particular player or two, nor even a referee, or, the ubiquitous vuvuzela. It was the correctly forecasting Paul the Octopus, who lived out his days in a German Zoo.

The Octopus correctly foretold, it would seem, not just quarter-finalist and semi-finalist winners, Paul the Octopus correctly indicated which team would win The World Cup.

Paul the Octopus’ death was announced today. I am sure the zoo staff will miss him and his crowd-drawing ability. Very few people seem to recall the World Cup Football matches, apart from the winners. Even so, they concur that the real icon of the 2010 tournament was an octopus named Paul.


0 thoughts on “AN OCTOPUS NAMED PAUL

  1. I had no interest in the football World Cup. My interest was sparked for Paul and what he appeared to be doing. As you say, Paul did know best when it came to the outcome of this dull tournament. Paul the Octopus was the real highlight.

  2. Your question crossed my mind too. I hope it was old age, and that Paul did not hasten his demise by exerting himself with his visionary abilities. That said, Marika, I guess the days when Paul was busy with ‘Affairs Of State’ may have been interesting ones for him. πŸ™‚

  3. With the eyes of much of the world upon the zoo and in particular, Paul, I am sure, Shimon, the octopus would have been cared for as well as possible. Paul was raised in a wildlife centre in England then he ’emigrated’ to Germany. By animal husbandry standards, he would not have been given to any zoo that did not reach those standards.

    On the other hand, taking your deeper point, We can only assess what we think is a good life for undomesticated animals, by making comparisons with the way certain animals live in the wild and how they operate in alternative environments. These could be called, I suppose, generic or cross-over standards.

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