I renewed an element of my kitchen equipment today. I have had a dispenser on the wall that tidily held my kitchen foil, cling-film and kitchen roll, since the kitchen was installed. The one replaced today, the second one, which though the same make as the first, was not as successful in operation. Even so, I kept it going for about twelve years.

The new dispenser has a different finish and it has slightly ‘neater’ dimensions than the other two, there is also a different cutter design; it actually looks stronger and safer.

As happens, we hit two snags once it was installed:

The cling-film roll taken out of the displaced dispenser was too wide…the thought of sawing through one end did cross my mind. The foil roll was okay. It seems the wide roll was a ‘jumbo’ size, πŸ™„ news to me! Raking around the cupboards, I found a replacement described as ‘a standard size’ roll and it fitted the slot.

There was no obvious way to fit the kitchen paper roll. We studied the fitting directions, we opened up the frontispiece of the device, there was nothing there to help us. Careful springing of the sides of the dispenser did not work either. I studied the rod then decided to give it a gentle twist. The genie popped out of the bottle…..voila! Success. πŸ™‚

Needless to say, the corner where the new device is installed, is looking tidier than it has for a long, long time. Clutter has been removed to add to clutter elsewhere. :>



  1. I know what you mean about rolls being too long, the Lidl 3 ply kitchen roll used to be too long but it was 3 ply and was strong so it sat there balanced on top. Now the 3 ply is the same length as Tesco etc. But better. And cheaper.
    One of our corners had a revamp last week. It has now got a cup tree there. You can’t see how clean it is behind the cup tree, but it is clean.

  2. That’s good to know Sheff, ‘cos the kitchen roll is a Lidl’s one from a yellow pack. There was one from a blue wrapped pack. I must check which types I have. As the top of the dispenser is curved, no roll of any sort would sit on top of it.

    It’s weird that my so-called jumbo length film roll fitted one device and not the new one. It never occurred to me to check for sizes before the new holes were drilled into the tiles. I shall have to be careful with future purchases.

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