What time wasters computers are! Today became the day I was inveigled into dealing with the computer glitch that has been outstanding for a month or so. (See recent posts).

Restoring, the path I was advised to take, wasn’t a problem, except that the system restore disk wouldn’t do it, because my current operating system on the hard disk was more up-to-date than what was on the system restore disk!

Bless the second guy I spoke to at the company from whom the machine was purchased many years ago. I had to undertake a manual fix. But to do this, I had to get past a password screen for which, I had never been given a password. Typical…

I’ll by-pass the fun and games (not!) of trying passwords that were ‘not successful’ and ‘press enter’, uncountable times. The nice man helping me, scoured paperwork for the company’s old laptops that he had access to, and I did not. He found two more password possibilities. The second worked. We both breathed a sigh of relief.

Nice man, stayed on the line while we worked out together what the subsequent messages meant, in relation to the original restoration back up partition on the hard disk.

That part of the job done,the machine returned to its original operating image, like when new out of the box. Guess what….. programmes like the anti-virus would not install on the out-of-date operating system. I’ve now got to get the system up-to-speed with five years worth of updates and patches. At least I was able to set up the internet and email connections. I guess the weekend is just about spoken for now. ❗

We had a nice weather day today and I did not get out to benefit from it because of the time-consuming computer nonsense. The rain that was forecast has arrived.



  1. Well done ! you’re nearly there :yes: May the rest get sorted with love and ease. 🙂
    I am amazed at the patience of these computer helpers. Sometimes they are very good.Computers remain an enigma to me.



  2. The computer helper is mainly me. I was grateful for the patience of the chap at the company. He was new in the job, he admitted, and so my computer sorting problems were a learning opportunity for him…good luck for me! He kindly gave me his extension number should I need to call back. How nice is that!! 🙂 :yes:

    I’m now teaching hubby how to install the essential programmes and the operating system has decided to do a disk inspection. (Why?)


  3. I would very much agree with you in a general sense. But, from a personal standpoint, I am totally disenamoured of it all.

    Many years ago, I built a basic computer, so I could learn what the component parts were, and I could gain some understanding how the mechanics worked. In subsequent years I took other training courses and exams in practical computer applications, some programming and problem solving.

    I have had rather too many of these frustrating computer fix experiences Shimon, which is why hubby relies on me to deal with his computer problems, and especially at times when I want to be doing something else. It is just as well, I am not a technician charging for my time.

  4. You are right GillyK about the possible grades of frustration.

    If it had not been possible to get a working password, even a system delete would not have been straightforward because of the delivery pre-install arrangements. My I.T. workload would then have become non-existent……..that sounds positively lovely at this minute… the machine may have;

    a)been handed over to someone to have a go at;

    b)or, the economics may have been considered, leading to some new and up-to-date equipment, which, undoubtedly would be suitable for the required purpose.

  5. There is two “restauring path”…

    The one in computer
    The one going since the gate up to the front door…

    Even… I think it exist another one… The restaurant of pastas (Pâtes in French)… :)) :))

    I ask me when I would finally be serious… Difficult to say…

  6. Are restaurants and restorations the same thing in French?

    I like your restoring the path to the front gate…that was something I was very close to doing. I suppose I could have thrown the computer up the path…


  7. I hadn’t realized you had that much experience. If you do have the experience, and it doesn’t turn you on at all, I would agree with you, that the best thing is to take advantage of a professional, and leave it alone.

  8. I would love to concur with you. I have had highly qualified technicians do things to my systems that give the technicians experience, but that on many occasions, have left me needing to resolve issues they have created. I cannot win. Therefore, what I can do, I do myself.

    Thank you for your comment.

  9. Evidemment…
    Se restaurer (Manger)
    et restaurer (Rétablir) l’ordinateur … Like restore hope (rétablir l’espoir)…

    Under the rain it was better to restore computer in a warm house…

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