Delectable Depictions.

Looking at my media, those four pictures displayed on my site, I can’t help but think I have the pictorial makings of a meal. There are two depictions of my garden salad neighbouring onto two more of an octopus.

The salad was eaten but certainly not accompanied with that octopus. Many people have said what a great meal it would have been. Perhaps so. But, even if we had been able to bring ourselves to prepare the octopus for our delectation, I am pretty sure we would not have had any appetite for it. We are quite content to know that the sea creature swam off into the deep waters.

P1030192 2010 July 30 Octo visitP1030401 edible


0 thoughts on “Delectable Depictions.

  1. We are still not sure of its gender. We thought we’d worked it out. Having seen some programmes on Cephalopods and an autopsy of a particularly huge and rare specimen (which would have had a similar anatomy), it threw us back into the melting pot about our eight-leggéd visitor’s sex.

  2. We didn’t eat the octopus…sea food used to be a lifeline here in the small coastal towns and hamlets of Scotland. With the recession, sea food may become a lifeline again.

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