There, at the town’s memorial lay this year’s new tributes of poppy wreaths. Window sill sized boxes were filled with fresh earth for additional personal tributes to be added. A bouquet of red carnations lay across one box with a hand written note attached. In the centre box were two tiny palm leaf crosses. The one in the centre was dedicated in the family’s minuscule handwriting – grandchildren and great grandchildren – to a soldier, name and service number given, who died on the Somme in 1916.



0 thoughts on “REMEMBERING

  1. Very much agree Tylluan. What struck me about the personalised memorial, was, that there would be, amongst those names, great- grandchildren remembering the particular soldier. This visual remembering is more likely to be seen in the remaining lines of families in small, close-knit communities.

  2. I think so, they are accessible to so many people, though as the years have passed, as you see, fewer remembrance crosses from earlier conflicts are placed in them.

  3. Je suis desolee de savoir ce que tu dit. Whatever the reasons, honour is not the main issue. The main issue is remembering why our near ancestors made such a big sacrifice for the lives we have today.

  4. l’egoisme, comme tu dit a remplace aussie la memoire des nos braves. Ca c’est mauvaise.

    Mais, a l’autre part, en voir en France, que il y a le respecte pour les cemetiere de la mort de les grandes guerres. J’ai vu aussie les autres place d’interrment plus privee, dans les jardins des les petite eglises au Nord de France, ou en trouve tous est propre et mantient bien.

  5. Il y a de plus en plus de dégradations de tombe dans les cimetières…

    Ce sont les gens de mon âge ou plus vieux, qui entretiennent les tombes… Les jeunes s’en foutent. Ils disent “Ils n’avaient qu’à pas se faire tuer”…

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