Savage cuts to the legal aid budget, officially mean that lawyers, we are told, will lose 10% of their working income. In turn, this will mean a plethora of other knock-on reductions and constraints. I am mindful of the limitations on obtaining justice the suggested proposals will, undoubtedly, engender. The proposals have yet to be put to Parliament, it will be interesting to see what will be salvaged out of the detail announced today.

Do you think ten per cent cut to income, may focus the minds of the lawyers, who are represented in a rather large number in The House Of Commons? It is just possible, they could decide it is more financially worth their while to devote more time to earning their income from Parliamentary attendance and associated work as the main job, rather than maintain two part-time jobs, the one based at Westminster, perhaps, being more part time than the other.



  1. I was listening to a PM interview with Ken Clarke on this one, who was oiling his way around the questions and making everything sound terribly reasonable.

  2. I heard the interviews Ken Clarke availed himself of, as well. He is a past master at dealing with the media.

    Reasonable…. I feel there is a new definition on the creep.

  3. The recession engenders the recession and the deflation, which engender the unemployment and the poverty, which engender the recession…

    Here is where leads us the indoctrination of the globalization and the free exchange…

    How many years are necessary, for people, to understand this way is whitout exit ???…

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