Very soon, there will be broadcast the annual appeal for work quietly and tirelessly undertaken throughout the United Kingdom through the inspiration and auspices of St-Martin’s-in-the Field church in central London. I do not have an intimate knowledge of much of what is done, but I do know there is a great deal of support given to many people throughout the year, anywhere in Britain, whether it be offering a warm meal, friendship, activity, or a helping hand back into mainstream society.

Crisis at Christmas – known now as Crisis – will also be running an appeal, St Martin’s will be doing similar work, much of it alongside Crisis. A donation of £23, Crisis say, will provide for a homeless person over the Christmas period. I’ll bet it does a bit more besides. I have seen how businesses donate to similar organisations all year round. Without their assistance, the charities could not do the valuable work they do. Without the existence of the St Martin’s continuous outreach, people who will be given a haven over Christmas, will also have the option to have somewhere to link in with and move on to, afterwards.

The awful flooding in Cornwall (in the far South of England) has, we see, yet again, brought out the best in people, who are helping each other where they can. The networks that have been formed by St Martin’s-In-The-Field will, I am sure, also be spurred into action in an incident such as this one. They can respond far more quickly and usefully in the short term, in many small but very important ways, than any bureaucratic organisation will.



  1. I’m delighted to see this appreciation of St Martin’s work, Menhir. I’ve just spent a year volunteering with a Christian charity that also works with those who drop through the benefits net – homeless, addicted, elderly, etc. A lot goes on unsung.

  2. I’ve been thinking about posting on this for a while. I have a soft spot for St Martin’s-In-The Field. It is not, though, the only charitable and caring organisation for which I have a soft spot.

  3. Where would we be without the quiet and efficient volunteers we already have? And there is going to be even greater need for the volunteers in the not too distant future.

  4. I understand what you say about being selective in what is charitably supported by people. It is what I do and have done for many years. There is no other way. As individuals, those of us who can, and do, select what touches us for many different reasons.

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