There have been (note past tense) some favoured products I shopped for in Lidl’s. It is a store that at one time positioned itself slap bang into, or close by, low income areas, such as estates of public housing. I recall someone saying to me, some years ago that because they lived in a poor area they should have a Lidl’s store. One was erected in reach of that place.

In recent months, I have seen a revamp of Lidl’s stores, which coincided with a change in sales strategies. Many of my shopping basket items disappeared, apparently, never to return. A lot of UK named brands appeared in their place. If I wanted named UK products, I would not look first in Lidl’s. It would not be cost effective to do so because of travel costs to get to the store. I have shopped in Lidl’s because of their difference and also what used to be their competitive prices.

Stealthily, re-designed packaging of any remaining Lidl’s products that I wanted, are now much poorer value and they are not competitive. One product has reappeared with less in the newly styled container. I know this because I have the remains of an older package still in use, and I am looking at both of them. The weight of the contents is given on both containers. Indeed, not only do I have less, but the price has increased by approximately 33%.

It does not take a degree in maths to work out that I am paying a whole load more of my money for shopping in Lidl’s. The policy of providing the poorer people with no-frills shopping with choice, it appears, no longer exists. Have a care! It is becoming more difficult to be a canny shopper.



  1. I always use to wish I had a Lidl shop near me thinking I would get good bargains but from what you say it appears not ..I think all the shops including Tesco are the same …you save on some items and then on others you are actually paying a whole lot more 🙄

  2. I’m interested to hear this because I haven’t patronised Lidl’s on the whole, but was wondering whether to, on account of seeing some magazine shopping articles claiming good value. Clearly not. I’ve noticed anyway with cheaper shops – like Asda – that their portions generally tend to be smaller – and not as tasty!

  3. Aldi is too far from where we live, I do not see it very often.. I say ‘no’ to Aldi except for anything that is not food!

    Moi, j’aime d’avoir le choix des comestibles differents et continentale, que je ne trouve pas dans les autre magasins a cote. Nous n’avons pas beaucoup de choix dans cette petite ville.

    Je suis tres contente de tu voir, merci pour ton visite chez moi. Tu est tre bien venu! 🙂

  4. There are a few things in Lidl’s I cannot buy anywhere else, some exceptional food items which are not UK named brands. Some I liked have disappeared and ghastly stuff like Lloyd Grossman sauces have replaced superb products. The general household purchases are becoming problematic.

    Like all the stores there are various offers which are paid for by increasing the price on other goods in the shop.

    Generally, Lidl’s state what their ‘excitement’ is for the month, or fortnight, whereas the other shops deal with it by sleight of hand. You do have to be alert.

  5. Quality, when not UK named brands, I cannot fault at all. Value for quality, when the company is not deleting those lines, is a perfectly true statement. Some of the UK named replacements are ghastly. The re-design of some of the household items into small containers is recent. As I regularly visit the store I am able to note the changes. Again, I can’t fault the quality of the household goods, but as with other stores, I can fault the manner in which price increases have been instituted.

    You should visit a Lidl’s if you are able to. It’s no frills shopping. I would advise not buying too much fresh veg, no more than you can use up within about 3 days. Where I live, it has to be a shorter span. for us, at any rate, there are good purchases on seasonal fruits that are not to be seen in the other shops we have in this small town. I don’t know how that would compare with your local choices.

    There still may be some beneficial purchases, but in comparison to what went before, the benefits are shrinking.

  6. I have shopped there from time to time – they are big in Romania, where it was a luxury, of course! I’ve also been on holiday but found it hard to find the things I like.

  7. Part of our holiday along the Rhine involved two days self catering just for a break and we shopped at a place called Emmelshausen, virtually on top of the hill overlooking the Rhine at Oberwesel.
    There was an Aldo, Netto and Lidl all alongside each other. We went into Lidl and of course saw lots of specialised German foodstuffs, no mayonaisse though but a large choice of würst and pickles. We used to see this sort of stuff in our Lidl when it first opened. The bread was in cages and was fresh and not the mass produced soft fatty thin slices of rubbish we get, ie Mothers Pride. It was god wholesome bread. Proper bread. In Holland also at Lidl we found more vac-packed fish products, herring, mackerel, salmon and even gerookte paaling (smoked eel) which is beautiful. However, as with England the Dutch supermarkets; C1000, Jumbo, Albert Hein and Durk van den Broek are just as competetive these days. Even in England each Lidl has different products, ie ours does not have Senseo coffee pads, the one in the centre of Chesterfield does, three different flavours. But you are right, more and more English “labels” are appearing, and like yourself, we go in to buy different food to the run of the mill stuff in the average UK supermarket. If it’s foodstuff becomes standardised with the others, there may be no need to shop there anymore, given there is a Tesco and Co-op nearby and next year we get a Sainsbury’s just a half a mile away.

  8. No, the nearest Aldi is 120 miles away. When I have been in Aldi, I have not been very keen on the their general shopping basket arrangements, pre-packed fruit and veg, and I did not like some of the items of food I tried. The exception was the Christmas cake I sampled one time, one year. Their non food items, such as tools, sheets or towels can be interesting, though not much different, as far as I can tell, from those sold in Lidl’s.

    Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  9. Yup, you have the scenario spot on as regards the re-positioning of Lidl’s in the market places it operates in. We only have one other small store that I regularly shop in. Between that store and Lidl’s I felt I was well catered for.

    The Co-op I can give that a miss quite easily.

    There is no doubt that the cost of living is going to be tough and careful daily living shopping will be increasingly difficult.

  10. Je sors de l’hôpital hier soir.

    Le jugement de divorce avec ma 1ère épouse a été prononcé lundi dernier et sera enregistré dans 3 semaines.

    Il faut ensuite 1 mois pour les formalités pour épouser ma compagne actuelle, afin de la mettre à l’abri (ma maison lui appartiendra), quand je mourrais.

    Bonne journée.

  11. Salut mon ami.

    Merci pour tes nouvelles. J’espere que ton sojourn dan l’hopital n’etait pas serieux, et en plu, j’espere que tu marche mieux et bien maintenant.

    Ton affaires legal forme une grande escalier d’avant dans ton vie.

    Mes plus bien amities et grandes voeux a tous vous pour Noel et l’an nouveau.

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