We bought tickets for the local Am-dram pantomime, billed as Pinocchio. We’ve enjoyed the recent previous local pantomimes. This year’s was different. While there were individual sparkling performances and moments, they were erratic. The spectacle lost its way. It seemed to be divorced from the main age group it was meant to entertain. The story line just did not cohere. I admit I had begun to doze by the time the interval arrived.

The second half of Pinocchio continued in the same vein. The cast were enjoying their drawn out adult antics. One mum, whose daughter was playing in the performance, commented, it was a long pantomime, rather too long.

The three lively young lads sitting behind us (all aged about 11 years) sounded as if they had been planted to hiss, boo, call out “he’s behind you” whistle, clap and “Ooh”, or, “Aah”. I told them they were very entertaining and they thanked me! Their antics helped, more-or-less, keep me awake. :>

There’s a real art to keeping pantomime lively, and appropriately entertaining. This was a case where less would have been a feast. It’s a shame, because all the potential ingredients and stagecraft were there.


0 thoughts on “IT WAS PINOCCHIO

  1. It is tempting, but in a small locality such as this, the kind of criticism I could give, would not go down at all well. I think, though, if there were enough grumpiness about the length and vagueness of the performance, it would get round. It is a case of less being more effective in all quarters.

    Biding my time till nearly next July to comment, might also be a good idea: there will be some distance between the old performance and the working up for the new one. Somehow, I think we will be giving the next panto a miss.

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