Inappropriate Private Message.

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* Oleg Vokhmyanin

The guy above is contacting for dating and sex via the private messaging system. The minimal details says he is based in London.

Personally, I do not wish to receive mail or posts like this, I find it distasteful and an abuse of the BCUK messaging,(or posting for that matter) systems. I have reported the matter and blocked the sender.

Once I am sure this is being suitably dealt with I will delete the message.

If you receive a similar mail shot and are not happy with the approach, you would be doing everyone a favour by hitting the ‘report as inappropriate mail’ link, and of course, you have the option to block the user.


0 thoughts on “Inappropriate Private Message.

  1. I have a different attitude about such things. I consider guys like this amusing. After receiving congratulation and numerous other superlatives from some guy who wanted to share with me the proceeds of misappropriating the inheritance of a customer at the bank where he worked, I did not ‘block’ him, as one usually does, but wrote to him entreating him to take the moral high ground. He figured that I was so lame it would be worth his while to cultivate our friendship, and in the end he would surely steal the info on my bank account. I kept him going in circles for quite a while, and found it very amusing, the lies he produced in order to tempt me. I think the best thing is not to take such people too seriously, and to have fun.

  2. I would say, ‘there speaks a man’. That, however, would be sexist and not entirely true. I know that many. many men are decent and are not stereotypically driven to sexually use women.

    Sexually explicit invitations from strangers stalking the web for a ‘hit’, I do not find amusing or funny. Neither would I encourage this individual, or others like him to remain in contact with me. I have no desire to be targeted by such people with their dubious activities.

    We have often talked about taking a financial hoaxer in circles and there are plenty of jokes around about doing just that. On the other hand, if you try it, you take the risk of being targeted by spambots and may become more susceptible to the various viruses that are on the net.

  3. I find this a very interesting comment. Something like a slap in the face. It makes me think that perhaps I offended you… or perhaps you don’t care much for men. This despite your care to have your cake and eat it too. You would say… but you know better. Well, if I offended you, I apologize. I had no such intention. I find there are any number of obnoxious people on the internet, and I don’t take them seriously (talking now about the person who made the undesired advance). I don’t worry much about virus attacks and the like because I pay for a very good anti-virus service which has proven itself for some years now. I like women. But it could be that you wouldn’t care for the way in which I like them.

  4. You are being personal Shimon, I was not.

    I do not care for material which I find sexually undesirable and/or offensive, or unsolicited approaches of a similar nature. There are many people who feel the same way. If they wish to take note of my alert they have that choice. There is much undesirable and inappropriate behaviour on the internet, and I for one, prefer not to encourage it.

    If we choose to ignore ‘soft’ stalking, of which the international and national authorities have raised awareness because of resulting serious criminal behaviour, then we also choose to allow it to perpetuate.

    There are places for people who are interested in other ‘esoteric’ aspects of life, and my personal messaging system is not one of them. Indeed, the use and abuse of the system clearly tells me that the matter is underhand and the perpetrators know it. This area of life is not a cake I am interested in eating.


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