Here We go….. it didn’t take long. Another private post, relating to the other one, this time with a plea to help upload a photograph to the site I mentioned in my last post, here

I have repeated the same actions, report and block. Before long, at this rate, this site could be hijacked. I wonder how many other people have been receiving salacious private messages.



  1. I’m getting spammed by a shopping company from Ireland. I created a spoof google email and sent them a warning to their own email address. If it persists I will contact their ISP.

  2. Lilian1 has the same spoof on her site, I have alerted her to it.

    However, I am getting private mail messages not comments from shopping companies. I wish Blog would get on and deal with it. Their gateways are a bit too loose. If, and when, I get an avalanche of sales outlets again, I’ll ask you for some tips. let me know how your present approach worked.

  3. My warnings were put on main post yesterday and today Lilian. If you click on the word ‘here’ (in blue) in the first para in today’s post, it will take you to the first alert I sent.

    The other sales pitch was on your own site in comments. I heard that a few people received comment from Irish sales. You can edit it and delete the comment if you wish to.

    I don’t think what I have been receiving are spoofs. The private messages are obviously sent to hide the nature of the type of communications that are going through.

  4. It would. I am unhappy about the content of stuff that can get through by devious routes. I wonder if the vice squads might be interested. It seems like a ratcheting up of the process.

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