The Arctic zoomed in with huge force today. Snow mixed with hailstones blew in white dusty clouds. If you had the stamina, the balance and ability, it was possible to move [force] your way around, by putting your head down and best foot forward.

This snow battering is very dangerous as it will develop into drifts in which people can be caught to their detriment. Snow drifts also block our lifeline road, usually about 50 miles further South, where there are deep dips in the road. It can only hoped that the gales reduce in force.

I received the nearest experience to nature’s own micro-
derma-abrasion on my face today. It was a lot cheaper than being pampered by a beautician. That reminds me, I must plaster some moisturising cream on my face, especially the cheeks, they felt particularly raw.


0 thoughts on “A FREE TREATMENT

  1. Good question GillyK. Thinking about it, I like getting out into fresh air, though not to have an almighty fight with it. There were purposes to being out today.

    Who knows, if it will be possible to move out and about tomorrow, though, I do have a meeting first thing.
    Snow ploughs and gritters have been working hard here in the darkness of our early morning and on.

  2. My God, micro-derma-abrasion is a term then? I thought it was one of those new words made up by Wella or Dove.
    Our gritters just go up and down the flat part of the bypass all night to keep the Sheffield to Manchester link open supposedly. We get the local farmer and his tractor for the snow, sod all for the ice.

  3. Other areas are struggling more than we are in moving around, just with sheer volumes of traffic. Our problems are usually more subtle and can be life and health threatening in other ways.

  4. The local authorities discovered we had a nurse living on our hill who got stuck, (the nurse drives into drifts and whatever else maniacally)during the last snowfalls, consequently a mini plough arrived to free her up and give us all a bit of movement. I’m wondering if we might be accorded the same consideration this time. The Gritter/plough is a much more occasional visitor; it concentrates on the main routes.

    And yes….micro derma-abrasion is a real term in the beauty world, very suitable for both genders, according to skin types and individual presentations of course. Would you think of trying it Sheff? 🙂

  5. No I doubt it, but Astrid has a voucher from Groupon for £70 worth of masonry/plasterwork/facial pampering (delete as appropriate) for £21 some time in January. I’m happy with my face but my stubble has grey flecks in now which means I have to shave more often.

  6. I heard from a relative in Leeds that the temperatures plummeted there in the city centre, very quickly on Thursday afternoon. We had already been visited by the Arctic at that time. The North of England is due to get snowed upon on Saturday, more exposed parts will be hit worse, I guess. Stay in and stay warm. If you take dawgs out for walkies dress up them and you. Do doggies have snow shoes? I’m beginning to think that at my next opportunity, I shall look for some moon boots.

  7. Groupon is a deal-of-the-day website that is localized to major geographic markets in the United States, Canada, Brazil, France and the United Kingdom says Wikipedia
    You register with them and they email you deals in your area, probably picking up your IP address from your first email. They make money by getting a small cut form all the companies who offer deals. We had Sushi to the value of £55 for a mere £16. Not a bad lunchtime out.

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