As soon as a wife or partner hitch up, there seems to be an unwritten expectation that the sending of the annual greetings cards to friends and family becomes the total responsibility of one of the partnership, whether all the people on the list are known to the writer or not. 8|

Expectations can be changed without a pre-nuptial/pre-partnership agreement on the matter. It might be, with some couples, that renegotiating the path to communications with everyone in their respective world could be the rocky road to disaster, so, I should not wish to suggest that fairly reorganising the task is the way forward for everyone.

What would you do to apportion the writing of the annual greeting cards?



  1. This is a good question. Being the duly allotted person in my house isn’t as much of a burden in recent years. The Christmas card list shrinks with each passing year. I don’t think people are as dedicated to the custom as they used to be.

  2. I’ve been with Astrid 10 years and every year I ask “Who is Joost en Janneke or Bart en Wanda”. I still don’t know who they are. I know who Gerrit & Joukje, Gerdien & Robin, Hans & Hanny, Enzo & Loes, Ursula & Barry, Henk & Minka and Berthold & Gerda are. I think. It cost us ยฃ70 in stamps to Europe alone. It is important though to keep contact with Astrid’s friends as well as building on her new life in England. When we meet these people in Holland and Germany they become my friends as well, especially when I talk to them in their own language, except Enzo; Non riesco a parlare italiano!

  3. I’m single so not in a good position to answer that one . It is my experience that one partner usually takes on the task of annual greeting cards. Mostly it is the female , but in our family it was my dad who had the task of writing the cards and Christmas letters.

    I think the job should go to the one who enjoys it most .
    If neither enjoy it , then don’t do it.

    As for me , I used to send hundreds for many years, but stopped a few years ago , It got far too expensive. Now people know that I don’t send cards , but it still touches me when I receive a card. I do make a point of sending thoughts blessings though. Not visible , but perhaps felt and I do believe they get there anyway ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. A very interesting perspective on annual greetings Miramaze. I reduced on physical purchases of cards and stamps last year and sent as many e-cards and e-greetings as possible instead.

    Our list is dwindling, I cannot be sure if it is through natural causes and/or other reasons. In transferring some of the addresses, a few went awol, (don’t ask how, I can’t answer that one)but have been reinstated on receiving a card.

    I am sure your thought vibes are well appreciated. You certainly have mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

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