We were recently in Inverness. Now, I know Hogmanay is thought to be sacrosanct in Scotland by those South of the border, but not to the extent where a bus company, Stagecoach, can disconnect a whole city and then offer a Sunday service, (read highly limited into that) for the remainder of the period. Taxi services were on tariff three for two days, that means they could charge sky high sums for journeys on those days and a bank holiday tariff for the other days. Workers could not get into work without begging favours and lifts if they happened to live outwith reasonable walking distance from their places of employment. I heard of some workers being bused in by a taxi mini bus, paid for by their employers if they lived a certain distance out of the city. Others had to pay excess taxi costs from low wages to get into work.

If you want to get around and about when staying in or near the city of Inverness, think twice before visiting the Scottish Highland capital during a holiday period without access to private means of transport. Its public transport services, in any case, are rather limited to its conurbations after about 6pm. If you’re happy to be in the centre and take a tour when tours are functioning, you may be suitably catered for.

In Summer 2009, I met an Australian couple who had arrived in Inverness by car. They were seeking a city visit hop-on-hop-off bus. It only runs on Wednesdays, the tourist office said, and this was a Friday. 🙄



  1. Funny…the comparison between the hop-on, hop-off bus and our village police station is uncanny, except our cop shop opens two days a week but is closed all afternoon on Thursdays and they close for lunch for 2 hours on Friday, probably fish and chips. There is little crime, we are 10 miles from the city and everyone knows each other, it’s a little bit like The League of Gentleman’s “local shop for local people” sketch, if we see a stranger everyone stops and stares with one of their three eyes.

  2. Interesting you should say that Marika. Inverness is a recently invested city, at a time when it behaved like a parochial town. Many of those elements haven’t changed. It is currently managed like a branch of village politics with a slightly larger view of parochialism than it had and is being held to ransom by a bus company. Such nonsense cannot, in this day and age, do much for the Inverness economy.

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