Oh, well, that’s it” I thought. I closed my eyes, sat back into my car seat, relaxed, and waited for what I was sure was my inevitable end.

Did your life flash before your eyes?” asked the kind motorist who gave me a lift home after my car spun on black ice, and landed it and me in a ditch. “I can’t remember“….”I said a prayer“, I fibbed……”Then I came along” he said. I smiled and said “Yes, thank you ever so much“. He and his companions were so caring and concerned, I was keen to please. There are some very kind and thoughtful people about.


0 thoughts on “SPIN ON BLACK ICE

  1. Glad you are OK !
    Bless all our Earth Angels.
    A friend of mine recently landed upside down in a ditch. The car was a write off , but she was fine !

    Take care
    Love xxx

  2. Glad to hear you survived the accident. How terrible it is, when we lose control suddenly, and realize how frail our grasp on this world, and everything in it. What is most important, is that you are all right physically! (writing you from our vacation cabin in the Galilee)

  3. It was a horrible experience GillyK feeling that there was absolutely no control over events. My one control was to decide to go with the flow.

    The people who saw it happen, asked me, when I got out of the car on the opposite side of the road to where I should have been, if I was okay and could they call anyone. As they saw me fumbling with a phone, while walking all over the road, in shock, they moved on. It was only then I realised I was where I shouldn’t be (again!)and moved over to the ditch verge, near my car and off the road.

    I was so grateful for the lift I was offered by the motorist who turned up soon afterwards.

  4. Hello Miramaze,

    I believe a tensioning cable for a telegraph pole stopped my car from rolling over. I don’t know yet what the future of my car will be. It was pulled out of the ditch by a vehicle rescue service that then left me to drive the thing home in awful conditions in the dark. It became clear in the light of day, the car was not safe to drive in its current state of car health.

    Glad your friend was okay; there have been a lot of near escapes in the severe weather conditions we have experienced.

  5. Hi, Marika,

    No the car is currently in a garage that does insurance work, being assessed. It has certain problems now that must be checked.

    I had to drive the darn thing home in the dark, in the awful conditions we had, after the vehicle rescue people attended to it. I was totally petrified.

    The people who offered me a lift home were lovely and kind.

  6. Hello Tylluan,

    Yes, it was a horrid experience. There must have been a huge number of similar experiences all over the country…..(shudders at the thought). Thanks.

    There are kind people about. 🙂

  7. Very, very scarey indeed. I remember something similar happening to me some years ago. It is that dreadful feeling that the car is out of control and there’s nothing you can do. But you did the right thing, going with the flow and steering in the direction of the skid.

    Glad you didn’t get run over in the aftermath!

  8. You’re right Mick, I am here to tell the tale. Thanks. 🙂

    I was well padded up for the Wintry conditions and low temperatures. I think, because I decided to relax, I was less physically disturbed than I might have been. I had some aches and discomforts for a few days. I was lucky.

  9. The one control I had left, Shimon, was to decide to relax and go with the flow, whatever came. That decision probably did me a lot of good.

    Enjoy your break in Galilee.

  10. I don’t even remember steering anywhere once I made the decision to go with ‘it’. I started off by steering into the skid but by the time I whizzed full circle around the ‘dance floor’, (possibly twice) I closed my eyes and sat back into the seat. All action passes by so quickly.

    I have dealt okay with much minor skids/slips.

    Regards your last thought, hear, hear. Oh dear :no:

  11. Salut mon ami,

    Oui, je tu souvien ! 😉

    En ce moment il etait une grande choc, la proces de l’accident, aussie, de trouver que j’etais encore ici, vivre.

    It could have been more serious. J’avais la bonne chance que il n ya rien autre moteur que vienne sur l’autre part, ou j’ai croissee.

    I am now waiting for a report on my car.

    I was very lucky.

    Merci bien pour ton attention.

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