It’s spamming time again from people (or bots) that cannot string sentences together with acceptable, appropriate and familiar syntax in written English. Would you wish such dubious talent to offer you assistance with your dissertation, or any writing you might require to do.

If these professional spammers wish to advertise themselves as competent to offer English language writing services, there are any amount of native writers here on BCUK, who could, for a fee, (up front) edit their language ability and teach them a thing or two about English as she is wrote.



0 thoughts on “ENGLISH…WOT ENGLIXH

  1. Someone called Bialloliciark wrote this kind comment on my other blog:
    Crowded, they label in place of to be taught that filing lawsuits is not the stripe to leave piracy. Fairly than, it’s to this juncture oneself something revival than piracy. Like calmness of use. It’s indubitably a a barrel easier to inquire iTunes than to search the Internet with imperil of malware and then crappy righteousness, but if people are expected to pay furtively loads and nullification permissible of ages, it’s not bounteousness to work. They but have a slow-witted on weigh in days of yore people imagine software and Network sites that coerce it ridiculously runny to corsair, and up the quality. If that happens, then there intending essentially be no stopping piracy. But they’re too prudent and frightened of losing. Risks anchored to be bewitched!
    Nice eh?

  2. Try a translation site Shimon, they’re full of that sort of nonsense, offering people, who know no better, their bounteous faulty algorithms. Again, not what anyone in their right minds would want to submit for an important piece of presentational work, except, to demonstrate how diabolical these so-called services are.

  3. Dire bots, babelfish, you name it, you can find all sorts of mechanical and algorithmic ‘experts’ to interpret anything on the net. The trick is to get correct answers to whatever is input. The overarching element is usually missing even then. That is, the recipient understanding the language sufficiently to know whether the answer is given at an acceptable standard.

  4. Sorry I appear to have hijacked the original post, but this is typical; I started a new blog purely to show my photos off and have to spend a few minutes each week tidying my site up and deleting bizarre messages.

  5. …and there must be some gullible people who go for ‘the service’. They shouldn’t be even needing to compose a dissertation if they can’t write in the required language at an acceptable level. :no:

  6. Its true menhir the spammers are back in full force 🙄 what amazes me they find our posts from waaaay back to post on them I myself have completely forgotten about them I got another one this morning ..:(

  7. The machines and/or search terms used, pick up on certain phrases or words in a post, they don’t discriminate by date. In fact these useless offers don’t discriminate with anything apart from poor communication. I got three at once on one post.

    It’s irritating. Anymore such confetti, and I shall send a report through to BlogUK. I guess we could all do that. It might close the floodgates a bit on this spamming.

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