The younger Lordships and Dames In the House of Lords are aged around 70 years old, many others are much older. The old codgers, (oops, the elite assembly) are about to embark upon a physical marathon. Not, I hasten to add, in anticipation of the 2012 Olympics, but for a debate on legislation changing the electoral arrangements of The Commons Parliamentarians. Bringing the nasty habits of the house of Commons in to the Lords Chamber, has not pleased a large number of the Lordships and Dames. >:-[

For the anticipated House of Lord night sittings, resting (sleeping?) arrangements are to be put in place for their mature Lordships. The Long Room will be providing all night refreshment and the Bishops Bar will provide sandwiches teas and coffees.

This has definitely got to be the supreme up-market Church Army soup kitchen and night shelter.




  1. The ULTIMATE soup kitchen wonder if they take new memberships :)) its always puzzled me as to why these old codgers have night sittings why cannot things be discussed during normal day time hours 🙄

  2. They’re asleep all day! There again if it’s held at night at least they won’t have to get out of bed in the middle of the night for a pee, because they’re already up. :))

  3. Ah Lilian, the whole ‘nastiness’ is the upcoming night sittings which the Lords and Dames do not indulge in as a matter of course. This is being forced upon them through business of The House timing.

    As for new memberships….once you’ve worked out that one, can you let us all know. 😉

  4. I’m sure the old folks would agree with you Shimon, however, they seem to want their excitement on different terms, not with all night sittings cogitating the finer points of law-making.

  5. Mon ami, quand tu parles avec les mots comme ‘lecherous’, tu me donner une surprise. Je ne connais pas leurs ‘Lordships, ni meme leurs preferences.

    Comment tu marche, ca va?

    Cette semaine, j’ai recu quelques commentaires tres ‘lecherous’, et j’ai leurs envoyer au management de cette site. Ils sont supportif de moi. Ils etaient, pas acceptable. Puis, j’ai ecoute d’une autre dame, qu’elle as recu la meme tipe de mal mail.

  6. Y aurait-il des satyres (Satyrs) sur ??? :)) :))

    J’ai divorcé et j’attends la transcription sur les registres d’état-civil…

    Je vais pouvoir enfin épouser ma compagne (qui est maintenant ma fiancée)…

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