Spammers on the loose

I have received spam galore during the past week, and also so far, what there is of this one, today being Tuesday. The spam is being generated through IP addresses from web mail providers. It means that Blog UK cannot take action to limit the action of the spammers as they are not BCUK bloggers, I am told.

Sadly, if it continues, I am going to have to moderate replies to my blog. This is not something I desire. Blog UK does not provide any other form of filtering.


0 thoughts on “Spammers on the loose

  1. Of course, ignore Miza-T. However when it becomes an avalanche the spamming becomes more than a nuisance. Blog are saying that if they get enough reports of spamming from the same IP addresses, they might take up the issue with the web mail providers. It therefore, will take an avalanche of reports to BlogUk to have action taken.

  2. I delete, but as I do not have your other skills, that’s where my abilities stop. Blog UK have said that if they have enough reports of spamming from the same IP addresses, they may take up the issue with the web providers of those addresses. Therefore, I beg you to hex and pass on all details as they arrive (C+P from the notification which will have all the details, not just the post itself) to BlogUK.

  3. I understand your point,however, moderating comments is not something I want to do. I have made every attempt in the years I have posted on this site, to keep my blog open to healthy social communication.

    There is an intermediate level of filtering that BlogUK don’t have, and that is access to the individual blog site via a changing password. It is a very effective means of controlling anything sent by bots. Individuals would have to code in to a blog site to comment,(it’s quick and simple). The benefit, as I see it, is that it does not force moderation.

  4. Moderating can be very relaxed, and allow all comments through except for those from spammers. I personally don’t like blogs where I have to sign in and give a password – it is not something I want to do, it gives me an extra level of admin which I would be prepared to do for a professional blog, but not for a relaxing hobby with blog friends. Horses for courses, I guess!

  5. Relaxing and moderating don’t go together for me. As you say, horses for courses.

    One blog site I know of, requires a sign in on your own site with a personally created password to enter for the first time in a day. This protects the blogger’s site at another level. I don’t mind that either.

    When exchanging and communicating ideas with a writer, the automatically changing password is very easy, all I do is tap in a given word, nothing else. We then carry on as usual. It’s far simpler than the system you describe. It has successfully kept out spam without any hassle.

  6. Sounds good. Sounds similar to a system I use for regular updates from various online publications, when you subscribe and then automatically receive them, and are able to comment from then on, unless you want to unsubscribe.

  7. It’s a pity there’s no simple intermediate filtering system on this site. Blog have made a suggestion, which I am going to try out. My own feeling is, it will be less than ideal but may well be a partial solution.

  8. Hi Marika,

    I had three spammers one day, a further 5 or six Monday and Tuesday this week. Initially I deleted the mails, I’m now sending them to Blog in the hope they’ll get fed up with seeing them and take some action on the IP addresses. The greater the avalanche of evidence of these spammers to blog, the more likely they are to look at it. They will require a c+p of the original email notification with all the backtracking information it gives, including the IP address used, which doesn’t otherwise show up on a post.

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