Talk about annoyance. I ordered something on the internet, (part of a larger order)one item arrived that wasn’t what I ordered nor what I wanted, though the invoice gave the description of what I expected to receive.

I would have thought that a company that wants my internet address in case of the need to communicate and to regularly advertise what it’s selling, could also have used it to ask me if I was interested in an alternative product. Instead, when I queried what arrived, they said their suppliers had “upgraded (!!)” the item, and the one described on their web site was no longer available. What was sent was an item available anywhere. I would not call that an upgrade.

As it is, I have had the inconvenience of sending the article back with a note explaining the reason for returning it, downloaded from the web at my expense. I am requesting a refund and making no bones about my thoughts on their customer service and what they call ‘upgrades’.




  1. If I lived in a place with relatively easy access to a range of commercial outlets, I would look elsewhere for the few things I buy on the web. This one item however, would not have been easy to locate, so, I was delighted to see what I was hunting for, described on this particular web site. I had noticed it more than once. I have requested that the company take it off their website stock listings. The response to that was a sort of ‘oops…sorry’. Not really very convincing.

  2. At the moment I’m having a run in with Tesco’s customer service (or lack of!). I’m corresponding with the Chief Exec’s P.A. now, so finally I seem to be getting somewhere!

  3. That sounds familiar. I finally wrote to the TESCO CEO about three years ago, in Hertfordshire, as silence reigned from everywhere else. I don’t know if that was the correct address, but it was nearest thing I could find to a head office. Like you, I got somewhere following the CEO avenue.

  4. It’s always worth escalating. The CEO’s PA told me she would get the Store Manager to call me. Three weeks later, not a dicky bird. This has happened before, but this time I emailed her again and told her not to pursue it further because if the Store Manager takes no notice of the CEO’s PA when she requests a call be made to a customer, what hope is there for a run-of-the-mill customer to raise a complaint off their own bat.
    Within an hour the Store Manager was on the phone…ha ha.

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