This was a view through the window, at home, yesterday morning.

P1000392 2011-1-21st_Rain on the window-1

By mid afternoon the rain had cleared leaving the remainder of a dreach damp day behind.

Today we have fared a bit better, though it has remained overcast.

The spiders, obviously know where they are best off, out of nature’s elements. Their tell-tale trails are to be found in the house. I was so taken with the artwork of the web that before I took my cleaning tools to the evidence, I decided to take a picture of it.

P1000395 webs


0 thoughts on “THROUGH GLASS

  1. I couldn’t help but appreciate the intricacy of the fine webbing. My kiddy aged cats cradles turned around the pins, were a much coarser version of those I suppose.

  2. I don’t mind benign spiders. In better weather, when I usually see a number of them around the regular places in the house, I encourage them onto a finger or palm and help them on their external path.

  3. When possible, we watch spiders working away at making their webs. Some webs are so intricate. Evil doings (for the food victim) can be dangerously beautiful.

  4. Thank you Shimon. The water covered, water trailed glass and drops caught my eye as I passed by the window, it made me stop look and think. That’s why I took some photos of it.

    The Spider web is another observation story. I think the webs are so beautifully constructed; but then we know there can be evil in beauty and there is a dark and practical side to the weaving that spiders do.

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