It is very good to know that you can be taken seriously. Ensuring that I avoid the use of certain terms and vocabulary that could be picked up, I wanted to mention that I had cause this week to advise BlogUK of particular notifications that were beyond the pale. I have been very glad indeed to receive from BlogUK a supportive reply.

Thanks BlogUK! 🙂


0 thoughts on “BEYOND THE PALE

  1. Do you mean bloggers writing nonsense as comments? If so, I’ve started to get a lot of that too…what is the point? They don’t even do it on recent posts?? Some comments are posted on last year’s blog – or earlier??

  2. I am not going to specify for very good reason Ginette. Suffice to say, the nasty and other nonsenses are nearly always on older posts. Where ever they are placed, I do not want them anywhere on my site.

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