It is not too much to expect, is it, that when you phone a line that is called a technical help-line, you speak to someone who has a bit more than a modicum of knowledge about the subject matter. Failing that, it would be quite alright to assess a help call and pass it onto someone who can understand the simple issues, in this case, about new P.C’s.

Instead, I found myself speaking to a lady, (woman-to-woman) who admitted to not having the basic understanding, even for the questions I was asking; that her dad who is more knowledgeable sorts out her needs:!:

Each question I ask, necessitates the help-line lady disappearing in order to feed me back an answer someone has given her. I do learn that these days, the computers sold by this store have the platform and the software pre-loaded, and that there are no support or back-up disks. I have to download the system and programmes etc. onto disks of my own.

I should need about three CD re-writables, just like the lady’s dad used.

Surely, I ask, there’s every risk of a re-writable disk being over-written or deleted…..and do CD’s have enough capacity for the download? “Oh yes, my dad found it enough”……Any reason why I should not use CD writables instead of re-writables, or should I use DVD recordable disks? The telephone assistant waffles.

There were some other queries, which I didn’t pursue. If I have to call the company’s technical helpline ever again, I do hope I speak to someone who is conversant with the basics, or maybe, if I am lucky, I’ll get to speak to ‘dad’. :.


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  1. For about £30 on eBay, new as well, you could get three 8gb USB sticks, they have a locking device on them or you can lock protect the files so you can’t delete them. They receive data 50 times quicker than a DVD or CD RW. Always go for a good make, Kingston are a really good value and quality make. Sandisk are also good. Both about £8 or £9 free postage.
    You can make a back up on one immediately you boot up the PC.
    Far far better than CD’s or DVD’s and if you have a new TV most come with a USB slot where you can view your images either vis Picassa or just off the memory stick.
    Have a look HERE

  2. :yes: next time speak to ‘dad’ directly :yes:
    I’d no idea there were different kinds of cds , but … I have used a memory stick – kingston – and that has been fine !

    I rather like the idea of Cd’s as back ups for photos – label them and keep them in a folder.

    My son uses Flickr for photos – small annual charge there.

    Hope you get it sorted 🙂 x

  3. Oh don’t get me started on call centre staff. It took me 16 phone calls to BT before we got them to set up Broadband when we moved in here. Every time I rang the farce became more farcical! Hope you are sorted now. Best always go straight to ‘dad’ in future! ha ha.

  4. That’s a useful tip Mick. I think it as well to have more than one form of back up for a new system, your suggestion is excellent. Two of those sticks would do the job. The PC has a built-in download backup for the system as loaded at the factory. I guess the download would have to be done through that set up. What do you think?

    Meantime, I will pursue your suggestion. Thanks.

  5. Oh dear!!! With the company I used for the purchase, I would expect to speak to a real person. The best you can say is, this one tried, but was not competent to be on a technical help-desk.

  6. It’s okay, I am competent enough to deal with these simple matters. I needed to know why there were no system disks. It used to be commonplace to have them with a P.C. purchase. Needless to say, CD’s of any sort were not going to have the capacity for what needed copying for a back-up to the system and its pre-loaded applications, some (not all) of which, were very much wanted.

    A youngster with no foundation knowledge or background in I.T should not be let loose on a technical help desk. I wonder how she might have handled other queries I could have about peripherals and electrical appliances.


  7. Yes, you can choose where you save them to. I partitioned my hard drive so I have a drive C: with 120gb, a drive D with 130gb. C: has all the programmes on and D: has all the images, music etc. When I run a scan I only need scan C: drive as D: has little chance of getting infected. When you run a back up, if you have a partition, copy the backup to ie D: and it won’t take any time at all, then copy to the USB stick in your own good time. If you haven’t got a partition, if you copy to the USB stick it will take longer but it is a good back up. Use the backup and restore facility and you can choose where to copy the backup.

  8. This PC is a pressie and is in the hands of the happy person, who would find it too confusing at this early stage to learn about partitioning a 500gb HD. I’ll stick with the flash drive idea…I have had a quick look, it seems really good.

    I used to run two HD’s on a PC (I’m now Mac) a ‘c’ drive and a ‘d’ for data. I also had a floppy drive that worked till someone forgot to re-connect it. (shows you how long I worked with my PC). I never had a problem with the precautionary measure of having two HD’s, apart from nearly running out of disk space for the ‘c’ drive.

  9. Hi Mick,

    Thought you’d like to know I missed the first sales link you sent, guess it timed out, however, I found another Kingston 8gb flash pen further down the line, same sort of price. I have ordered three. One way or another, they will be used.

    Ta ever so.

    M 🙂

  10. The pleasure is all mine, I’m always happy to help. If you do think about partitioning the C drive, I’d recommend Easeus Partition Manager which is free from HERE I found it easy to use. Reasons; well if you make your primary drive ie C: about 50gb only, when you defragment it, it will only take a few minutes instead of a few hours, likewise anti virus scans or system clean up scans. You keep all your programmes and on C: so this is the only area where a virus or a trojan horse will manifest inself, so that is also the only drive you need to scan.
    If you decide to do it, send me a message and I’ll help you with it.

  11. The main problem we have at the moment is configuring the pop mail box in live mail on Windows7. It’s been sending mail but not receiving it. I’ve tried every which way, so far. The settings are what have always been used and what I use. I am, to put it politely, scratching around and scratching my head……not withstanding, wasting hours.

  12. Okay, here goes:
    I presume you have broadband, which will have a built in firewall at the server end. You wil also have an anti-virus programme which checks emails as they come in.
    Right, go to Tools on your email page, then go to Accounts then highlight the email account you are having problems with and click Properties, then click Advanced.
    It will say Outgoing mail SMTP, and a port number, the same for POP3, leave them alone. However, aside the text it says This server requires a secure connection (SSL)…. uncheck both of them then click Apply then OK.
    This should solve the problem.
    If it doesn’t it is a password issue which I cannot help with.

  13. Hi Mick,

    I’ve been through every variation. I will check tomorrow, yet again, when I have built up a bit more patience. I’m pretty sure that the ssl’s are unchecked, however, I will look again just in case I am incorrect.

    The error number that comes up was a well known issue with MS. OE and earlier platforms. (glory!) Our older computers didn’t have this problem. Our settings shouldn’t have changed either. As you do, I checked every ‘stop’, space, title, you name it I did it, with variations thereof. Bro-in-law covered over the phone what I’d already done, though, he doesn’t have Windows 7 and he runs a 32 bit system.

    It might well be to do with password settings that are fixed to ‘on’. I did go into Windows security and had a quick look, before switching off the machine. There seem to be some security tick boxes for email and internet settings. I need to be awake to think about this.

    Thanks again.


  14. Problem solved- it was that stupid radio fixed to ‘on’ button. I found the answer to correct the situation online. All other settings were fine.

    Thanks Mick.

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