Not quite up with the lark, but not far off it….and this is Sunday. Where we live, Sunday is a day of rest….. fine if you can get it.

I HATE COMPUTERS, ESPECIALLY P.C’s. Why on earth did I spend so much time educating myself about them….it can be a real bain. The joy of giving a special present is subsumed into total frustration when configuring the darn things. This one, has Windows 7 as its platform. It was nice to play around with when the reselling company adverts didn’t dart and flash out at you all the time.

The computer companies are determined to stuff the buyer with subliminal and not so subliminal advertising, trial products, and, of course, place theirs and others cookies onto the system. This is one purchaser who can deal with those tricks, though it takes hours, nay, days, to do everything.

Getting into and using a browser of your choice,was a doddle. The next hurdle was hopping through the maker’s presentation internet page with all its advertising and flashing gizmos. The internet settings were hidden deep, probably on purpose, to make it difficult to set a clean blank browser page. I’ve got one! :>>

Finding the Microsoft email application was like seeking the exit to a maze. Why? (I am used to not having a stand alone email client like Outlook Express, though I could have one if I wanted it). It beats me why finding the email application has to be so circuitous, to the extent that I had to search for advice as to its whereabouts on the web. :??: Once located it was a matter of setting up the mail connection to the internet service provider.

Fun and games (not!), the damn thing would send email but not receive it. I wasted hours going through the configuration of the email connection. I checked every dot many times, tried variations of the input details; phoned brother-in-law who covered exactly the same ground I had many times already. :**:

In the quiet of the early morning, sitting on my own, I found the solution to the problem that was stopping us receiving email. It was nothing obvious; all the data inputs were correct. It was a quirk of the pre-loaded operating programme, which had to be manipulated. If there is such a description, the application had to be …..’unquirked’.



  1. I gave up trying to find Outlook Express and settled for Thunderbird instead. I agree with you – so often there’s a little bitty piece of info that goes unnoticed, but is the one that causes all the problems! A parable for our times??

  2. glad you managed to unquirk your operating system. Many times when we start on a new operating system, it’s worth while reading all the instructions (in help) even if most looks quite familiar. But I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it soon. I too, like a blank home page, and dislike floating bouncing and screaming adverts. I try to disable them as much as I can. Good luck.

  3. Personally I always buy an unbranded PC from a firm that guarantees exactly the build you want with a completely clean installation of whatever OS you request. Alternatively they’ll send you all the components and disks and you can put it together yourself. I’ve used them for years with no trouble at all and friendly rapid service with it. They’re not big, nor expensive. They rely on pleasing their regular customers rather than vast advertising.

  4. Hope you’re sorted out now. I HATE it when computers go wrong … you usually end up wasting hours and hours trying to get them working again! Oh for a computer that comes with a MANUAL rather than instructions online which you can’t access when the ruddy computer won’t start up!

  5. Yes, the little bit of info that goes unnoticed, is difficult to find, I think you will see has been a long running parable.

    I used TB for ages, but there were problems with transmission of emails,my formatting was completely trashed every time. I tried with TB people to sort out the difficulty over two years, then found that others before me had got nowhere with the same issue. Otherwise, I liked the programme.I hope they’ve sorted it. I don’t need or use it now.

  6. All the literature, such as it was, was read, both online (on the computer) and off it. None of it was particularly useful for the issues I had to configure and sort. Most of the stuff related to computer use, finding out how the power save functions work, where to find things on the keyboard and so on.

    I reckon the companies who put computer systems together with the uploaded software, expect to make extra money on help desk calls. If not, one piece of advice in the book was, phone a friend with some knowledge!

  7. I honestly don’t believe the ‘bottom line’ is totally figured. There are already more questions, starting, “Do you think?….what if?….is it possible?” My ears are closing off. Enough has been done to get on with what there is.

    X 😉

  8. Shall we say, sorted thus far………

    Online instructions are the cheap way of providing any form of guidance (I won’t call it literature)and it’s usually at a basic level to get non-technical users up and running in some fashion. Certainly not in the way I would like, or the happy recipient of this computer gift.

  9. You know Bushka, I do honestly believe that is what the makers of computers hope for, that most people will contact their expensive helplines. It does drive you up the wall when an obscure item, not catered for in the simple start-up book, or online guidance, blocks the smooth way forward.


  10. I do not like what windows 7 does to word. I preferred windows XP. Now the search function in word is completely hopeless and I waste a lot of time looking for things that were once there at the click of a mouse.


  11. Word isn’t a huge issue for the user of the new PC, it would be for me. I have an Applemac now, it’s okay.

    Incarnations take a long time to bed in properly with MS.

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