I now know what it means to be rudely awakened. I wish I had not found out. I came out of a deep sleep, my eyes opened quickly and I had a panic thought, all at the same time. “Oh S**t……the bins, I haven’t put them out” They are emptied by the collectors about 7am as a rule.

So, at 5.40am I was out of nice cozy bed, slippers and dressing gown on, I, heavy headed, went out to the bin, opened the gate and wheeled it out to the front of the house. All was quiet, most windows had curtains drawn; it was cold and dark.

Next, I carried the empty paper box to sit beside the refuse bin. It’s easier than carrying a loaded box. That done, I re-entered the house and retrieved all the paper to be disposed of, flattened a cardboard carton and carried it and the paper collection out to the box. The paper box lid behaved itself for a change, unclipping and clipping back on smoothly. Then I emptied every basket and bin there is at home, including the one in the bedroom, and repeated my nocturnal visit to the refuse bin. It was 5.55am when I returned to my snug bed.

I dozed but didn’t get back to a proper sleep. When it was light, I got up, still sleepy. I sat in a chair for a bit. Then came the awakening…..the bins are emptied on Mondays, and this was Sunday, all day.

😳 :-/


0 thoughts on “A RUDE AWAKENING.

  1. ha ha…very funny post, reminds me of the guv – years ago when we were moving from a flat to a house we’d been packing all day and he was knackered and kept saying, remind me to put the bins out on Thursday as no way we can move and leave the new owner with a full dustbin….it was on his mind all the time. Anyway, I was woken in the middle of the night by the front door going…I shot out of bed thinking it was burglars and went to wake him up when I noticed he wasn’t there. I looked out of our first floor window, and to my horror, there he was, wearing my pink fluffy slippers and not a stitch else, hoisting the bin down the driveway and to the edge of the kerb! OMG. The only saving grace was that it was 3.15am and the road was completely deserted! Phew!

  2. so sorry, Menhir! You’ll be able to go to bed tonight with an easy conscience and a smug smile and sleep sweetly until a civilised hour in the morning – the bins are done!

  3. Oh well menhir you are at least ahead of all your neigbours and probably had them running to their calenders to check the date etc which means tomorrow you can slumber in the morning :))

  4. I am not surprised he hasn’t lived down his fame ….was hub’s excuse sleepwalking by any chance? It would have been mine, even if I do not own a pair of pink fluffy slippers.


  5. I regaled Hub with it and we were both hysterical … almost matches our story of when thieves were trying to break into our house when we lived in Nigeria, and we heard them. Hub jumped out of bed and rushed into the living room in the altogether and they ran away … you can imagine the jokes.

  6. I believe, Ginette, that there can’t be too many owners of pink fluffy slippers that fit both parties in the partnership. Your experience jointly with the accessories, must be a fairly rare one.


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