Now I have heard it and from a LibDem Peer. The banks should get real, he said,…..the Chancellor can raise taxes whenever he wants to (there lies an exclamatory warning for us all). The banks are just another pressure group, a powerful one, [but just another group]. Well, well, the banks and their financial boards have just been told they do not run this country after all. We all knew they were unelected ‘persuaders’ of the upper echelons of elected power. What we need to see now, is whether there will really be any change in the effects of the realpolitik of the unelected banking houses.

The national and international media is another story, waiting to happen, and waiting, and waiting…..and waiting.



  1. I don’t believe any government any MP or any rich businessman. I just don’t believe some more than others. Apparently Disraeli’s Tory government was labelled thieves, liars and cheats, it seems nothing changes.

  2. Needless to say GillyK, I am horribly sceptical about the timing of the Chancellor’s announcement, its contents and exactly what it will mean for you and me. On the latter point, it means, at the very least, those who pay tax, have to pay in indirect taxation, even more.

  3. Absolutely, Lilian. Talk is sound projected initially by sweeps of hot air. After that…..?

    You can be sure it will mean additional indirect taxation for the taxpayer.

  4. Indeed, Bushka. Trust in politics and politicians elected, (and unelected) is abysmally lacking, sad to say.

    This is meant to be appeasement for the disgusted masses, who are feeling ill-used by the manner in which the banks have strutted their distance from the financial crisis they mostly caused, and which we have to pay for. The announcements and pronouncements do not appease me, they are too stage managed.

  5. History is seen constantly to be repeating itself, politicians do learn from it, not necessarily what is desirable and acceptable. The evidence demonstrates they learn to use the tricks that have been used before to suit the times they are manipulated in.

    I do believe the Chancellor’s announcement and the alleged bankers’ affront, are well stage managed. They think that the populace, particularly the taxpayer, is going to be appeased by the ‘game’; perhaps some will be, in the short term. Maybe, they hope this little diversion, will be enough to allow the next hand to be played, whatever that will be. You can be sure, it will focus on those who do not live charmed lives.

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