I thought I would dig into the depths of my past with BCUK. For one thing, I thought it was time to find out how long I have been posting here. Friend Marika fired me up for this journey of personal discovery. I should mention, my visitor counter only indicates an element of this personal history, as it was a late addition to my site.

I discovered that my very first post was published on the 11th October 2005. I never really thought of it as publishing then. If the truth be told, I do not consciously think of blogging as publishing, even now. if I did, would I post? I shall have to think about it, though, I doubt that I shall dwell on it too long or too deeply.

There has to be some personal fun, interest, and a creative element for me to write blogs. If I become too serious about the activity, then perhaps, I would not actively write, maybe, I would not want to do it at all.

It is curious that this post has more-or-less taken its own path rather than the one I thought of following when I decided to write it. It is not a case of ‘The Paths Never Trod’, it might be a case of taking the path it is leading me into. This experience is one of the delights of blogging. Often blogs,(and comments) move us in unexpected, unknown, avenues.

I had no idea that a radio play in 2005, about an elderly lady who started blogging, would set me off on a very long, interesting and circuitous, blogging path, one that I would still be fairly actively trotting along, over five years later.


0 thoughts on “BEING LED ON

  1. Well done, and long may you continue! The average life of an active blog is only around six months!
    I’ve been blogging for six years and still enjoy it. Like you the blog path I started out on is certainly not the one I’m on today! xx

  2. Hello Mr F.

    You and I have been blog friends a good long time. 🙂 I settled in two blog zones after trying out several fora spread across the globe. BCUK was one of a few sites I tried at the beginning, it mostly seemed to fit into what I sought.


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