Thank you everyone for the answers to my question. See post that sets out the request that this answer relates to.

First, we asked for filter coffee, which we were told we could have.

Second, because we know the hotel has the choice of either single or double cafetieres, we did not mind which we received, either a single each, or, a double cafetiere between us, was okay.

Third, we wanted a little pot of hot milk to help ourselves to with our cafetiere of filter coffee. (One of us has milk with coffee the other does not).

What happened:

A double cafetiere appeared with the plunger already plunged. While we waited for the expected little pot of milk to arrive, I started to pour the coffee. I was surprised to see milky brown liquid appear. There was another surprise, the liquid was undrinkable because the milk mixed into ‘drink’ was sour!



  1. Marika, first ‘discussion’ was discreet. I obtained a clean cup saucer and spoon, and waited for a small cafetiere of un-mixed coffee. What arrived was instant coffee not filter coffee in the cafetiere – not what was expected – and I was prevailed upon not to complain. Sour milk issue was next. It was left as a ‘BTW perhaps you should check your milk’ by the person paying the bill….who was not me.

    If I see the manager anytime soon, I shall have a more pointed discussion with him. :>>

  2. That is exactly how I felt. Our Sunday Lunch, traditional fare, was okay, but the after lunch beverages were totally disgusting. I was prevailed upon not to complain.

    I am not happy, and as I said to Marika, if I see the manager of the hotel anytime soon, we shall be talking and I will be very pointed.

  3. I was not paying the bill. I believe, from what I heard that the bill was paid, then a mild comment was made about checking the milk.

    With the kind of experience we had, gentle fluffing around, would not be my style, which is very probably why I was asked not to say anything.

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