When British and other Nationals were advised to leave Egypt, the advice to them was the same, (when you could obtain information) as people have been receiving in Libya. The means of getting to an airport (or other exit point) was up to the individual. This guidance is very limited at the ‘best’ of times, and hardly works for for people who are stuck in the centre of bombarded areas (like war zones in or near Tripoli)or marooned in a desert or anywhere else construed to be the middle of nowhere.

The word has got to the British media by various means, that the response of the British Government to helping our citizens and anyone else, is woefully inadequate, indeed it is pathetic. While other countries have been getting their citizens and other nationals out of the danger zones, where they can, under media pressure, the very best Britain could offer, and very late in the proceedings, was one plane which got stuck on the tarmac for 10 hours going nowhere. Meanwhile, in television interviews, the Foreign Secretary of State, William Hague, sat in a high-backed winged leather armchair, looking serious and important, making disingenuous statements about Government concerns and rescue activities.

While the revolutionary turmoil continues apace in the Middle East, cut backs have been announced in the maintaining of, and staffing of British foreign embassies and legations. We will be told, no doubt, that the services given, (I think we now need to know what they are)can be offered in a more progressive,(which means radical) and efficient manner. If a large number of countries take the same view, there will be no-one to merge with, no country on which we can piggyback minimal services, or ask to act on our behalf for British nationals abroad. What value is Britannia, when she is internationally sinking into an abyss.



  1. We will eventually hear how the brave SAS saved Brits in Libya. News is always fuzzy at times like these. People who go to countries like Libya should have realised they were taking a chance. We went to Tunisia two years ago and it was obviously a Police state. The fat Brits at their all inclusive hotels would not have seen this side of the country. Rule Britannia etc

  2. I found it incredibly frustrating. How on earth could it happen that the British government were so entirely ineffectual? Heaven help any other expats in any other countries which decide to have a revolution!

  3. British Foreign Office and Quick Response in the same sentence is a misnomer? Tory Government and Helping our Citizens likewise. It’s going to cost money right? Perversely didn’t Judas Clegg oppose spending money on these big C47’s that have eventually been sent to Libya?
    I used to think the Pierrot clowns at the circus were more scary than funny, but I’m slowly warming to Cameroon and Clegg.

  4. Britain has had economic interests in trading with the regimes that have fallen apart. With those interests there is encouragement for companies to employ British skills to support and benefit those interests. Not all those skills can be employed to work on British soil. The other countries who have been working likewise, have been more timely in their responses to getting their people out of a war zone.

  5. Never a truer word. Hague, with all his political experience, did not perform at all well when decisiveness was required. It was his watch and he fell at the first hurdle.

  6. I suspect there are those in government who believe that a flotilla of small boats, as at Dunkirk, will do the job nicely. Meanwhile they will get on with posturing, making soothing noises and generally doing nothing (apart from drawing their salary of course….) ūüėČ

  7. Les gouvernements ont bien du mal √† prendre parti pour ou contre les “√©v√®nements” qui se produisent dans les pays du sud de la m√©diterran√©e.
    C’est simple √† comprendre : On essaye de se mettre bien avec ceux qui vont gagner. Mais qui va gagner ? Le peuple, ou le dictateur ?
    Alors certains dirigeants ont bien compris la port√©e d√©mocratique sans pr√©c√©dent de ces r√©volutions que personne n’a pr√©vu. Comme Obama par exemple, contrairement √† Sarkozy.

    Un slogan de la droite Fran√ßaise √©tait de dire que les d√©mocrates am√©ricains sont √† l’extr√™me droite de l’extr√™me droite Fran√ßaise…

    A la vue du comportement des USA et de la France, nous voyons bien qu’il n’en est rien.
    Obama est mille fois plus d√©mocrate que le Hongrois Sarkozy. L’UMP est devenue en France un parti conservateur aussi r√©trograde que les capitalistes du 19√®me si√®cle.

    Ceci √©tant dit, les r√©volutions pacifiques pour l’Egypte, la Tunisie, Barein, Le Y√©men, l’Alg√©rie, le maroc, comme celle vraiment sanglante et d√©termin√©e de Lybie, sont un exemple et un espoir pour le changement de l’avenir de la plan√®te.

    Maintenant, il est difficile de pr√©voir l’√©volution de ces pays. Bon ou mauvais ?
    En 1989, la chute du rideau de fer a √©t√© un grand espoir. Mais on voit maintenant ce que l’Europe Occidentale a pay√© avec la politique europ√©enne pour int√©grer des peuples au niveau de vie tr√®s inf√©rieur.

    Il est donc √† pr√©voir que pour nous Europ√©ens de l’Ouest, ces √©volutions du sud m√©diterran√©en, de forts d√©sagr√©ments soient √† venir.

    D√©j√† une mar√©e d’immigrants, profitant du d√©sordre, afflue vers nous et vont aggraver nos d√©ficit et nos niveaux de vie…

    Il faut absolument abandonner la vision lib√©rale de ces √©v√®nements qui tendrait √† profiter aux exploiteurs et commencer √† avoir une perception sociale et r√©aliste pour g√©rer au mieux cette nouvelle crise, afin qu’elle g√©n√®re du “mieux” et non du “pire”…

  8. You have responded to a much larger political scenario.

    France sent help to its citizens quickly, so did Italy and Germany. All three countries have helped other nationalities get to safety and their homes. Our government were very slow. It seems that without media pressure, they would have done very little. We were put in a position of sending, so we are told, special air service forces. This may have not been necessary, if our politicians had been able to be more decisive and sooner. Now that we have undertaken the evacuation of British people, we are helping other nationalities too.

  9. The worst thing would be a US military action. Because consequences would be same as for Iraq.

    I know that USA dream to occupy one conntry on two : Iran is encircled by Iraq and Afghanistan. But Palestine and Egypt are not totally encircled. Libya would be excellent for that (and oil is not ininteresting).
    But it is sure that all the south mediterranean countries would fall in hate of Europa and USA…

    The only supports are verbal encouraging, humanitarian and of cooperation for future development.

  10. The talk we hear, is that military intervention is the very last desire.

    Humanitarian aid etc is curently being installed for the remaining migrant refugees who are trying to get to their homes.

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