The computer-age truly tests honest-to-goodness sanity, not to mention domestic harmony. There are far too many experts, the majority of whom are anything but… and they certainly are not, in the main, expert in the general utility of the tool. When you put your total faith in someone designated to be an expert, you can be in a precarious position. Indeed, you become vulnerable, and with it, so does your computer set-up.

All I wanted was assistance with migrating three systems folders to my computer. I guessed that a simple transfer by flash pen was not going to work. “You’re right,” I was told by one expert.

Total supplication from me to the expert… bad mistake; my nicely developing configuration was completely supplanted by everything from another machine, I had a clone, it was definitely not what I asked for or wanted. My keyboard suddenly stopped working. With expert number two, Saturday became a lost day. Monday, I did a system format and re-load with the aid of a third expert. The keyboard still did not work, but hey! I no longer had a cloned computer.

Four ‘experts’ later, I reached a dangerous overload of frustration. Having finally exploded, the department of experts field one of their senior experts. Senior! This gem of information, I shall not forget. Thirty minutes later, a major difficulty has been resolved, one that took days, including delivery of new parts, then new parts having to be returned by me. (I shall not mention the travel to our poorly managed Post Office and the queuing for a service point).

In the midst of all this fiery emotion, hubby avoids asking the in-house computer back-up service a big question. He asked it today. The big question remains unresolved for now, even though, I believe I know the answer; it’s not one, hubby will like too much.

Personal and domestic harmony is being re-established. Hubby invited me out to a lovely lunch, during which there was a silent pact not to mention anything relating to computers. Dessert and coffee never tasted better.



  1. Oh I so agree with your hubby ..computers can drive you insane when the darn things dont work as you wish them too off the menu as your wise hubby suggested 😉 my lappy was very slow again today I really dont know why but luckily things seem to have returned to normal for how long who knows 🙄 hope you enjoyed the coffee and desserts 🙂

  2. This is an uncanny parallel of my experiences with my Mum’s computer today. All it needed was a Fat32 file re-installing but it’s finally died, normally recoverable by repairing Windows but even the rescue disk doesn’t work and she’s not bothered one jot. She used it for emails and played spider solitaire occasionally. We’re looking for something very cheap for her, just for emails, a small notebook maybe.

  3. My ‘disaster’ was due to human ‘expert’ telephone guidance; without the ability to consider the holistic requirements of the system I was using – that they should be trained in – and taking on board what was being requested, in the first instance. I am using a mac, and fat32 files are not part of it.

    Hubby now has Windows 7 and a 64 bit system which I’ve been helping him with. Windows 7 is highly dubious imho, and I am not impressed with it.

    I have one real annoyance at the moment, which I may seek further ideas upon for a fix.

    I Hope your mum’s computer problem is sorted out soon.

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