Help please! Can anyone tell me how I can restore my Firefox browser to give me access to my gmail account without having to always go through ‘safe mode’ when firing up Firefox? It is a problem that arose just this week, when after a hard disk format (clearing out the whole previous history and everything else on the system) I downloaded Firefox 3.6 to my machine. It is the version I previously used together with Adblock Plus.

My laptop has the same version of Firefox and Adblock Plus, and there is no difficulty accessing my gmail with it on that machine. I use Applemac OSX etc. Snow Leopard on both machines.

No amount of re-loading, deleting off the system and downloading again – which I have done uncountable times – seems to resolve the problem.



0 thoughts on “PLEASE, CAN ANYONE HELP?

  1. I use Google Chrome, which is pretty good and of course compatible with gmail – but I too know very little about these things, far less than you, so hope you get some good advice soon. Sorry that things are still so frustrating.

  2. Like gillyk I also use Google Chrome, it’s light and simple and does what it says on the box without any unpleasant surprises. Firefox was heavy and cumbersome in comparison, not to mention the updates, add ons and gadgets it kept telling me about.

  3. I have no bother with Firefox on the laptop, same platform and same download. I never had bother before, even using it on a Microsoft platform. I’ve downloaded it for hubby on Windows 7, he has no bother either. It’s puzzling. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

  4. I can’t remember how to get to it…I’ll have to check that. I did find it earlier in the week after the system HD format and cleared out a lot of stuff. thanks

    I’m trying just about anything else I can think of or can find in the FF help files.


  5. There’s only one add-on I have ever used for Firefox, even when I was using a Microsoft platform computer. I was not bothered about the other gizmos. I have never had any issues with Firefox, till this week. As mentioned, there are no concerns either, on the laptop.

    I shall persevere.

  6. Found the cache…emptied it, to no avail. A good tip though for future reference, thanks. However, I have tried something else and am testing it out.


  7. All I can tell, is that I have Mozilla, but I have no problem… Although, I should not say it too fast, because when I switched on the computer one hour ago, the tool of restoration started alone ? A virus ? I start a total scan…

    Sorry not to know how to help you. I’m not very intelligent in that matter…

  8. Merci bien pour ton attention mon amie. Maintenant, toutes marches bien, j’ai trouvee le solution au mon problem.


    Je suis desolee tu as quelque difficulte. J’espere que tu trouveras un solution toute suite.

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