It is often said that when a politician, and a senior one at that, states s/he has absolute confidence in a colleague, or someone in a special position, performing political rites on behalf of Government and State, it is time for that individual to think about making an exit and look for another job. It is a case of s/he… ‘supporteth too loudly’, to paraphrase a well known saying.

There has been a building concern over quite a lengthy period, to which blind eyes have been applied, relating to Prince Andrew’s role as an non-salaried envoy for Britain in the murky waters of international finance and trade. As more information dribbles out, the matter becomes evocative of the highly dubious activities in Africa of Mark Thatcher, whose mother, you will remember, was Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Their positions and connections in our society appear to be the qualifications that linked both Prince Andrew and Mark Thatcher to their respective roles.



  1. One has been to university and the other hasn’t. Their respective positions in their societies probably provide clues to their personal stances. Other issues are another story.

  2. There’s been a lot more involved than one dubious American guy that Prince Andrew has known for a very long time. There’s stuff that has not been publicly or officially examined, it could well be anytime soon.

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