As if it is not enough that the horrendously damaging brutal forces of nature are being unleashed on man with hurricanes tsunamis and earthquakes, man, in addition, imposes horrendously brutal damaging forces of man, on on man.

Lest we forget, the ordinary folk in Libya are suffering awful upheaval, injury and death, as are other people in the world. This is through man-made force and restriction imposed on them by their own and other societies.



0 thoughts on “WARS OF NATURE AND MAN

  1. Share your ‘feelings’ and ‘thoughts’ unreservedly…
    Might I add….Nature is ‘the leveller’…..’man’ the ‘unleveller’….;)

  2. We aren’t alone in feeling a sort of helpless fury at what Gaddafi is getting up to. As if the world does not contain sufficient challenge for us all, which requires us to work together.

  3. There is certainly a turn of events that I admit, I did foresee as a possibility, taking account of the person at the helm. I find it hard to believe that the international politicos did not foresee it either. Gadaffi certainly has a definite strategy; what is happening is not chance.

  4. La cote Ivior c’est n’est pas sur notre radar dan ce moment, (peut-etre il deuv-etre) pourquoi nous n’avons pas une grande interesse la bas. Ce c’est different pour le Francais avec votre histoire dan la region.

    Tu sais juste dans ce que tu dit. mais dans l’autre part, il ya une situation pas acceptable pour la majorite de la peuple de la pays de Libya. Il devient un probleme humanitaire.

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