“you’ve got to admire their hutspa” are two elements that are usually put together, that is, admiration for verve,drive and in many instances, sheer cheek. This is an occasion when the two elements of the adage did not sit together for me. An invitation to join a group here on BlogUK did not engender admiration in me in any shape or form, the purpose of it irritated me.

A bot tag search has, no doubt, brought up the posts I have written about the travails with computing. It is also likely that the same type of search has brought up posts written by friends and others about computing issues. A guy in North London who specialises, according to his profile, in repairs and spares of laptops, has opened up a blog to invite people to his group called ‘laptoprepair’. He has a a similar www. business address. The invitation didn’t even have a personalised touch to it. Unlike some of the other uninspiring invitations I have received, this guy does appear to have written a blog or two, which I freely admit, I did not study.

The style of commercial advertising, as that is what it appears to be, is a bit different from the usual selling posts dumped on BCUK. Some people may be happy to give their all to what appears to be an innocuous pitch, however, as I have not appreciated this hutspa, I have denied/declined the invitation.


0 thoughts on “ADMIRING CHEEK?

  1. It’s irritating for bloggers like us who just want to relax with some blog friends, but I guess that advertising one’s business on the internet is the obvious thing to do these days.

  2. I remember a while back asking a computer question and was told very quickly this wasnt allowed for heavens sake and they closed all comments which I had received for help etc πŸ™„

  3. Yes, GillyK, advertising on the internet is an obvious path these days. I am sure I have blogged with people who are in business, who are blogging because they want to, not to sell their business interests.

    It’s cheap, really cheap, to try and muscle in on a blog community.

    However, if anyone is inclined to support a business by signing up to a ‘friends group’, so be it. It ain’t gonna include l’il ole me.

  4. Hi Walrus,

    Thanks for calling in.

    That is one of the issues Walrus, I do think it is machine generated searching of a type. It’s at the very least, using the mechanisms of word and tag searching provided by third parties. I guess if I called everything ‘grass’ I’d get an avalanche of invitations of a different kind.

    Scraped news items and a link are really annoying…agreed.

  5. Where did you request help Lilian and who or what closed your comments? That is most strange.

    You will have seen my occasional call for assistance and those of others.

  6. I now cannot remember the problem I was having and was told by Rampage I think that it wasnt allowed on blog when you yourself often ask for advice on various problems and are allowed comments which I see no harm at all in asking others but they actually closed my post and comments quite strange πŸ™„

  7. Mmmm, targeted spam, nasty! Google does it too, of course, and we put up with it, sort of, but it’s still a bit on the nosey side.

    I’ve tried using tags like hashish, but do I get offered any on the mean streets of Melksham? Do I heck! πŸ™‚

  8. …and if you had won the euro millions lottery umpteen times, I guess we would not be hearing from you on blog. You’d be doing all sorts of other amazing things.

  9. Make less sense, perhaps? … Can’t help there, you’ll have to be the judge of that.

    I will say, thus far, you have been perfectly sensible. πŸ˜‰

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