Telegrammatic Memo To Self

Tea time and sensing it.

Re-training self to new slots.

Could be worse if I hadn’t prepared for time change (BST) and allowed creep to meal times.

Time to creep to kitchen to make meal, quickest possible!



0 thoughts on “Telegrammatic Memo To Self

  1. Had trouble getting up today and then realised why it was an hour earlier :)) trouble is we will have to change the darn clock again in 6 months our body clocks just cannot keep up with it all πŸ™„

  2. Couldn’t agree more – drives me mad! I read a newspaper article today that said the incidence of suicides and depression goes up just after BST kicks in .. somebody please get the message!! 😦

  3. Yes its utterly stupid this constant change isnt it although I did read somewhere cannot remember right now they MIGHT be changing it just hope they do and its not just talk πŸ™„

  4. Odd isn’t it, the S.A.D syndrome has similar depressive affects on people to those you’ve read about associated with BST. Long nights (few daylight hours) is the same. I wonder if anyone has researched the three angles and compared them. Plenty to triangulate with here!

  5. Careful what you wish for. The changes mooted may be very bad for those in the northerly parts of the UK, especially during the long Winters where there is a severe contraction of daylight hours. If the ideas that sprouted forth a little while back were imposed, I think some of us would have to demand a time zone of our own, as much as anything else, for safety’s sake.

  6. Really? Sounds fishy.

    I can vouch for the fact that, in catching a ball, it can be caught on the downward trajectory and with a downward motion. I have never caught a ball up in any game using that rounded object. I may have caught up with a ball to catch it forced down by gravity.

  7. I see Russia has decided to stick with BST – but they do have 11 time zones which Medvedev has reduced to 9!! (how to you get rid of a time zone?????)

  8. Yes, that would be interesting! I always feel apprehensive as the shorter nights and longer days begin – probably because I’m insomniac and need my bedroom dark!

  9. Careful of what you wish for I agree but I think menhir that in the northern parts like Scotland etc they should have their own time zone like they do in the States and Canada that way everyone should be happy hopefully πŸ™„

  10. Perhaps two of the time zones are in the same enormous region, something like, near China. Or may be, the eliminated zones are in areas that have seceded?

  11. I would totally agree that those in Northern parts like Scotland need and should have their own time zones if GMT stayed static or BST+2 became a norm in the rest of the UK.

  12. I like more daylight hours too Marika, however, the way nature works we don’t have that all the year round, and some places in Winter have an awful lot less than others.

  13. Absolutely! I now travel around with a large piece of dark material and pegs, which I can attach to the tops of curtains in other bedrooms which have too much light … it has come to this :yes:

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