If I was elsewhere, I would take my own advice from yesterday’s post. Banks are stress makers, there is no doubt about that!

So far this week, (it’s only Wednesday):

A relative has had the transfer of his accounts screwed up big time. The banks did advertise at one time that they could save you, the customer, lots of bother, dealing with your transfers and any payment arrangements that were already set up. Could they hell!! Not without disaster for the account holder, though they do not tell you that. The transfer system that was advertised only applied to those financial institutions that accepted the scheme. That’s a core weakness of the offer, but, again the banks do not tell you that. Add to that human error in the administration of a transfer and you have chaos.

The other night I was making a bill payment online. As I was about to complete the transaction, I was blocked. I attempted to get back into my account and received a message saying ‘Access Denied’. This was followed by some wording about unblocking the denial of access after checks were made.

The clerk on the helpline desk revealed that the bank could not contact me to make a security check. Really, why? Checking my details with me, ……what was that address….no, I do not live there; the phone number, say that again…..

I started to repeat the number given, realised in which city it was located, it definitely had nothing to do with me. The clerk repeated the incorrect address and the phone number yet again. No wonder I had problems. The clerk manually made my bill payment. To say I was livid was an understatement. I requested two complaints to be submitted.

An email yesterday tells me I can now access my account online. I telephone to check on my complaint issues. Surprise, surprise: no complaint has been raised. A long wait later, I find myself speaking to another office about my serious concerns. Explanatory emails were sent and acknowledged.

Today, I receive a call from some one else in customer relations who says she is handling the case and would like me to tell her all about it. I do not play the game. My correspondence and their call recordings tell the story. To crown it all, she finally asks what I would like the bank to do about my complaint!!!!!!


0 thoughts on “SAVE US FROM BANKS!!!

  1. I need to thank you menhir I was about to change banks but reading all of this has put me off completely ..I too remember the girl at the bank saying no problems whatsoever when changing accounts we take care of it all all your direct debits etc ….. plus I had a bad time last year when I couldnt access my account even on the flipping phone as every time I gave my bank number they said it was closed grrrrrrrrr… so I had to actually go to the darn bank to gain access which wasnt local I couldnt even use my debit card which me me feel like a criminal I told them off recently over this as then they started to ring me up to check I had actually been to whatever store it was where I had brought things….sorry this is turning into an essay so I had better stop ranting 🙄

  2. When we lived in Romania we completely failed, in 5 years, to persuade our bank not to shut down our access every time we made a withdrawal. I lost count of the number of times we had to phone them and explain our situation ALL OVER AGAIN. Trouble is that they didn’t have a box to tick – if you fall between boxes you are in trouble!

  3. Lilian, don’t apologise for a personal rant. If it helps that’s perfectly okay by me.

    If you do want to move banks, do the administration of any move yourself, do not let the banks do it. It will work out more smoothly if you arrange things yourself. Keep some money in the account you are closing to cover a month or two, so you can ease in the new arrangements with all the numbers etc at your disposal.

    Easiest, just to make out a list of any direct payments and notify whoever has debits/credits from you of the new account details. It will work out. I think it is advisable to check if the people you notify of changes have instated them into their records.

    I don’t mind security but not absolute and seriously worrying incompetence like I’ve experienced this week.

    Up till now, the worst security annoyance was my cell phone beeping at me an hour after I’d gone to sleep and away from home about a transaction made 36 hours earlier! That transaction had already been checked on with me on a land line call before my keys were off the keyboard. I had been impressed with that only, however, to have the impression spoilt with the beeping cell phone.


  4. Sprog was told by one bank that withdrawals at ATMS in a Russian city were being blocked, as withdrawals were deemed unsafe at most cash points. A new card could be posted to sprog but there could be no guarantee of receipt. In any case it would have become circular situation if it was possible to send a new card, as I could foresee fresh limitations being imposed for similar/same reasons.

    The compromise was the debit card could only be used for point of sale shopping. Fortunately, the debit card from another bank could be used for cash withdrawals, although these were made at banks, just to play safe.

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