Oh glory; it is so wonderful when you are directed to a new and super-improved web mail design coming your way…..and very soon.

Click here for more details”.


The page you require cannot be found”.


0 thoughts on “CLICK…CLICK

  1. It wasn’t Windows Live Mail was it?
    I’ve just got my Mum’s new laptop going and sorted the wireless broadband but was amazed Windows 7 didn’t come with an email client and the one recommended, Windows Live Mail failed dismally with hotmail addresses. I can understand not enforcing an email client but the Live Mail client issue, well if that’s progress, so was Operation Barbarossa.

  2. No Mick, it wasn’t Windows 7 Live Mail. that’s an abortion of a mail system, it’s not stand alone and it is programmed to commandeer most of the attachments you send with an email. It’s also designed to link you up with social chat. If you look at the comments online about this particular subject, you will see there is a lot of disquiet about Windows 7 in particular, Live Mail. You’re best either using a web mail client or setting up Thunderbird which is stand alone, working more like Outlook Express would have done. There are one or two tweaks that will need doing with TB, such as sorting out the spell-checker, if you want one. There are instructions somewhere online for installing one that will operate. Hubby has it and TB happily running and he has knocked Live Mail off its perch.

    No, my oddity was with a web based mail programme that couldn’t find it’s own advertised super-duper update details!!

  3. “cannot be found”, or “don’t exist” !

    Even on french web, these messages are in english ??? Is English language announces only bad news ???

  4. Hello,

    The first is diplomatically stated.
    the second might be the truth!

    L’annonces sur le web sont variable. Pour example, the premiere annonce etait positive, pour quelque chose de bonne, l’autre etait negatif.


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