A couple of weeks ago, I contacted the car insurance people checking my position for reinstating a vehicle to a policy currently in existence with them. The advice was that although no new policies like ours are issued by this insurance company, those of the same type currently operated will still be honoured providing it is during the life of the policy. That was okay then.

I was transferred like a yo-yo round the same departments to people ignorant of my requirements. In between each transfer I was forced to listen to repeating tapes of worn out noise, called music. Frustration took over after I was passed over for the fifth time and to a girl/woman who insisted that “we don’t not have policies like that no more“. After more barricading with triple negatives, my frustration spilled out. One more….. we don’t not do policies like that no more….I demanded to speak to someone senior. For all she did and said that woman may as well have refused my request outright. She probably valued her job to go quite that far. Finally I was switched over to….that blasted music. Patience already in short supply, suffered at least ten minutes more of it. I was about to ring off, (though the matter would not have been left there) when a man answered with apologies for the long wait, and, to my amazement, he would….get on with my complaint!

Apparently, a customer cannot speak to someone senior without a complaint form being completed, upon which someone would call back within five working days. Explaining why I wanted to speak with someone senior, the guy admitted he had been misinformed about my requirements. He was deeply apologetic about the manner in which I had been treated and offered to sort out what was a straightforward re-insurance request. Money paid, I sat back to wait for my insurance documents to arrive in the mail.

Oh no! Today when I received the documents, I found one wrong important detail. It meant I had to call the insurance company and suffer that blasted music again. Not surprisingly, there were no notes on the call log. Who would want incriminate themselves with their idiocy. So, I told the lady, who said she was a senior call centre advisor, about my experience earlier this week. “There’s a footprint for everything that goes through here” was her response. I sincerely hope so.

No, I wouldn’t have been penalised for their mistake I was informed. A small extra premium amount should have been required, but, the senior supervisor said she would waive the additional charge.



0 thoughts on “THAT BLASTED…. MUSIC

  1. Much like my own experiences, it seems the minnions at this insurance company were following a training manual procedure. They might as well just have a machine.

  2. I too often wonder where we have got to, when staff are expected to behave like machines themselves and good old-fashioned courtesy and common-sense have gone out of the window.

    You were lucky to get somebody senior. My daughter had a friend who worked in such a centre and she said that the staff simply switched off the sound on the phone and shouted ‘who wants to be the manager today?’

  3. Hi Mick,

    I don’t think the ‘idiot’ could have read a training manual that did not have sufficient negatives of speech in it. However, sad to say, it was the fifth person I spoke to that put the matter right, apart from making an important descriptive error.

  4. Hi GillyK,

    I wanted a senior supervisor on the first round and couldn’t get one without metaphorically stamping my foot. It was sheer accident of call answering that gave me the senior call centre supervisor. She obviously had some clout as she was able waive the extra charge. She also gave me her full name, one that is not easily forgettable. (Or, should I say, ‘one that you don’t not forget’) Grrrr.

    Self-appointed managers take a big risk with me at the other end of a line.

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