We missed out on the good weather during the early part of the long weekend break away from home. A North Atlantic sea haar suppressed any hint of warmth, and where it did, the sun struggled to break through.

There was an almighty rainfall, just as I was treating myself to a bit of pampering at the hairdresser’s. The stylist sprayed some product over her finished handiwork to deter the affects of humidity; in this case it was more like the affects of heavy precipitation. My hair really frizzes up in the damp. Apart from having lots of hair out of place, the spray seemed to work for the day. Restoring hair order the next day was more difficult. :no:

However, Sunday and Monday have been lovely weather days, quite mild, great for getting washing out to dry and for exploring the world around us. Our explorations have led us to gorgeous scenery, a working Vintage Bus Museum and an Abbey dating back to 1072. This was known to be a place of worship from about 800AD. Apart from changes in worshipping formats, there is without a doubt, a continuity of religious belief in this location.

The Easter Bunny left a little metallic balloon on a stick for the neighbour’s three year old grandchild. She gave it to me this evening. I suggested she might like to save it for me for another time. The little girl took it back, exchanging it for the tiniest sliver of chocolate Easter egg. Then, saying “Bye, bye” the little girl cheerily sang ‘Jingle Bells’ as she disappeared indoors, having secured a very satisfactory conclusion to her gift transactions.



  1. Thats always the way isnt it menhir you go to the hairdressers and down comes the rain boo 😦 mind Im off myself next week so it will probably rain on Tuesday methinks :)) we had a downpour here the other day I wouldnt mind but I had watered the garden the night before 🙄

  2. Your garden will be well fed, the grass will grow and the next thing you know, you’ll be having to ‘manicure’ the lawn.

    I believe we could do a long term weather forecast by our hairdressing appointments…let’s see, when is my next regular one. 😉

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