Unexpectedly, as I watched the spectacle of the Wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton, I found myself thinking back to the first major state occasion I ever saw. It was courtesy of a friend that we saw the 1953 coronation of The Queen, relayed through a small TV screen, in black and white. Then I was a young child. As an adult, I remembered my curiosity felt much the same as I peered then and now into a surreal world.

In these theatricals there must be uncountable project managers with departmental stage managing-directors to report to. Can there be an executive CEO to pull things together? These things are so big and diverse, I think that the State occasions in the UK, would be more than Cameron Mackintosh, (Phantom Of The Opera) could handle.

As I watched today’s events, I was fascinated by the structuring of them, the type of policing control I saw, limited by what the BBC media cameras focussed upon.

The ‘Wing’s’ buses used for the extended Royal Family were a curiosity. Anyone from the grandparent generation and their offspring, populated those, (except that is, The Queen, Prince Philip and their family line). One commentator said that the mini-buses would give a connection to the people. London Taxi drivers will probably have some thoughts about the chosen mode of transport. One or two red London Buses,(low level entry platforms) would have been perfectly acceptable and easier for the less agile guests. I think seeing London Buses in use, would have been a delight.


  1. I agree with you menhir :yes: in fact when my younger daughter got married a few years back we hired a bus for the guests as quite a few had come from abroad we had a lovely driver who had seven kids !!! he took us all around the major tourist places on the way back so he ended up with a nice fat tip for his troubles and for making it so enjoyable for everyone 🙂

  2. Your family wedding experience sounds delightful. I somehow don’t think the mini-bus/coach drivers at this Royal Wedding would have been tipped so readily, if at all. Besides which, I suppose the passengers in those vehicles were of tourist interest in themselves, and would not have been too pleased to be paraded around in any other circumstances!


  3. Hi Marika,

    Do you think the kids of today would believe that people actually watched squashed up monochrome TV on screens smaller than a modern glass oven door; screens, with what looked like engraved lines on them? A neighbour who acquired this new technology, even bought a magnifying cover screen for their ‘box’. When the TV watching was done, a dark green velvet dust cover was carefully draped over the the hallowed piece of furniture.

    The other memory I had today, not an uncommon one, I think, was of similar crowd levels in The Mall and at the gates of Buckingham Palace, at a more sombre event, the funeral of Princess Diana.

  4. I also found myself thinking of the Queen’s wedding in 1947 . I wasn’t around then and we only got a TV sometime in the 60s , but I have seen pictures.

    Double decker buses would have been a nice touch … or taxis ….. I didn’t like the wings buses.

    🙂 xx

  5. I think this event is too much mediatized.

    In France, There was only that subject on TF1, A2, FR3, Channels 6, 10, 15, 16…

    Nevertheless, full of young people look at this show (I consider even more numerous than previously) !…

  6. The more I think about it, Mira, the more I feel that product placement had a strong part to play in the participation of those mini-buses.

  7. Il y a quelqu’un d’autre à montrer… “Sarko le clown”… Mais les gens en ont assez de le voir… Au moins les mariages princiers ça les fait rêver… Sarko nous fait plutôt cauchemarder (nightmares)…

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