I voted last week in peace and quiet. My sealed envelopes were handed over to the postmaster in his little dark corner of a post office, which doubles up as a village police station. The premises also provide second hand book sales, local information and village news, (Gossip).

Unless he is in animated conversation with someone, in which case, you will be served without his searching pleasantries, you are unlikely to get away from the postmaster without some convivial information-gathering banter. His local knowledge must be invaluable, although, I think his descriptive powers would hampered by his dimly lit service area.

I could so easily have been disarmingly entrapped into telling all. However, knowing how he operates, I determined that any conversation with the postmaster would, insofar as it could, be about anything but me. It’s a long time since I visited, and the man did not show any recognition. While he managed to extract from me that I had an uncomfortable eye, excusing my not seeing the collection times, it was as far as he got. The postmaster gave me a quizzical look while scrutinising the postal vote correspondence. My head voice questioned whether he would dare to ask me anything about it. I am sure he would have loved to, it was soon clear however, that even he knew where the boundaries were drawn. >:XX

There is something intrinsically pleasing and comfortable about having already voted. I can rise above all the information and disinformation about the Alternative Voting System, the political power squabbles, the media, the hooha and hype….I’m out of it. The deed is done!


0 thoughts on “THE DEED IS DONE!

  1. Yes me too menhir but I didnt read all the jargon and have probably voted wrongly 🙄 too late to change now ! it will be very interesting to see the outcome wont it 😉 but more importantly will folk even bother to vote this time around ?? I am sure the postmaster would have loved you to have spilled the beans 🙄

  2. I’m all for change except for tiny village post offices. One of Astrid’s Knit ‘n Chat colleagues lives in a tiny village post office, her husband is postmaster. There’s something typically colonial about where we vote, especially in small villages.
    There is a new game going on: closing the school for voting day before the government can get their slimy hands on it and close it for good so it can be flogged on “A Place in the Country”.

  3. I found it a constructive experience to sit quietly and take my time, especially nowadays, when you get similar named parties, set to confuse on purpose I suspect. There were three votes to deal with, local elections, A/V and Scottish Parliamentary elections.

  4. There’s no right or wrong for you Lilian. If what you have voted for is what you feel comfortable with, that’s it.

    I was amused to hear about the Anglophile Australians, who like the Anglophile Brits, are reticent about change, making changes a step at a time, if they make them at all!

    I’m pretty sure the postmaster would have loved a more than usual probing conversation with this visitor. 😉

  5. If the village didn’t have the tiny post office and its multi-uses, plus one bank and the ATM it provides, there would be an outflow of people to the shopping areas a few miles away, then no shopping at all would be done in the village.

    I have visited this village over a number of years. I don’t live here. ( It’s not the usual style of village, it’s spread I expect, and it’s a bit of a dormitory area for a city).

    It is the little local quirks, the community activities, the primary school, a couple of pubs-bars-cum-restaurants, about three different types village shops, Some holiday and short-term lets that keep it ticking over. It boast lovely beaches mixed with green and pleasant spaces. It is quite well connected with buses and a few trains that daily pass through it. There are other small businesses of a more specialised nature.

    Enlighten me – what’s “A Place In The Country”?

  6. Hi Munzly,

    There was a spammer who I have edited out, however, I do believe your comment may have got wiped by word pick-up, or something else occurred.

    I suppose postal voting is spamming of a sort,if that is your lively thought, as is personal crossing of boxes on pieces of paper, to be delivered in vast numbers to wherever it is they are counted. It sounds like a number of us are in it together! 🙂

  7. I think…?? it is a TV programme where people are filmed looking round houses that are on the market. It’s nauseating to see a young couple from London with a “small” budget of £495,000 to spend looking at a house in a quiet village that clearly wouldn’t be suited to them, with an enormous kitchen then saying “Oooh, the kitchens smaller than we wanted”. I’ve seen it when I’ve been channel flicking in the forlorn hope there is something worth watching on the English TV channels, only to turn it off and read a book or build a webpage.

  8. I can’t think that I have ever seen the programme or anything quite like you describe. What I have occasionally viewed, would be more mature families or couples who want a change of lifestyle, and are looking for properties in new locations, to live in and run small businesses from. It sounds different to what you’ve seen.

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