Not an un-dull moment till just now and I sit here tapping away at my blog, wondering if it is worth risking putting some washing out to blow in the wind. The wind has dried the ground off very quickly, which suggests that I might get the clothes dry too. You wouldn’t guess that the rain had been pounding down since last night until just a few moments ago. It got so chilly that we put the central heating back on this afternoon.

I’m still playing catch-up with all the letters – and filtering paper spam – that arrived while we were away. I shall plough through it a bit at a time. I few days should clear it nicely. The two books I bought can wait till I have time to reserve just for reading.

The bank I took to task for seriously breaching my data security and not following through my complaint (see here) have just doubled their compensation offer, not that I was seeking financial recompense. There are still the core matters to find out about why my request to complain was not actioned as requested, how and why the whole debacle happened and what the organisation intend to do about all this. I am giving the matter some thought.

I might get to look at some photos taken while visiting places of interest. It doesn’t mean the pictures will be good or interesting, but, they could be.

The weather has remained dry while I have been writing, therefore, I shall cease my writing flow and risk the physical requirements (I kid you not) of pegging the wet laundry on the washing line.

B) 🙄


0 thoughts on “I KID YOU NOT!

  1. Your comment Kevin, suggests that you are not very confident about any answers I may get. It isn’t the first time I have held a bank to account,and very energy sapping were the problems with that bank; indeed so were the hoops the FO service put me, the complainant through. Then, I was determined to have an external organisation scrutinize what happened. That was more important to me than compensation. I got both.

    I still have to decide where I take these current issues.

  2. So far, sod’s law is where it should be, in the sod. Meantime, the washing blows fiercely in the wind with all the extra pegs securing each item to the line. 🙂

  3. Well menhir around these parts the skies looked ominous but I risked the elements there was a great breeze which did the job luckily 🙄 pleased to hear the banks are compensating you :yes:

  4. The washing got blown dry pretty quickly and I would have been wizened if I had been pegged out with it!

    It is interesting the way the bank is upping its offer to ‘please’ me. I haven’t quite decided on my next step as it is not money I am after. They’ve accepted responsibility, which is something. Whether I get the answers I would like, is a moot point.

    I spent three years of distress with another bank and in that time taking the case to the Financial Ombudsman..over four years in total, I was forced over hurdles to get that case ‘seen’ by an outside enforcer. Sure, I got compensation as that’s the way it works, and a larger sum than is currently on offer for different circumstances. However, for money alone, it was not worth the dreadful experiences. What does seem to have come out of the saga, as I still have to have a relationship with that bank, (for a variety of reasons)is, when something starts going belly up, a call to central customer relations gets me a polite listener, appropriate assistance, and thanks for giving them the opportunity to put matters right. I must have a star++ in violent red on their system, by my name. So be it.

    There are so many banking horror stories people have, ones like mine must be replicated in large numbers.

  5. I gift you some of our rain Jake.

    Today dawns bright, (I haven’t checked the wind factor) ….hopefully that will be good for us 🙂

    Thanks for calling in.

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