This may be a sensitive subject, so the leaflet told me, but I wasn’t to worry, it was all quite normal. Why were these comforting words right at the back of pack? A first page flyer greeting you with those kind words might cause fright and flight, a good reason for offering supportive notes somewhere along the way, after you have started to handle the items in the pack, find they don’t bite, and read the ‘what we want you to do, how to do it and why’ literature.

What is this all about? There is a do-it-yourself national bowel screening programme in Scotland for certain groups of people.


0 thoughts on “DO-IT-YOURSELF…

  1. I received a similar DIY kit here in France where they also run a screening programme. I can’t remember how good or bad the literature was – mind you it was in French but I got the gist of it!!!

  2. Getting the gist, La_Spice is probably all you needed. 🙂

    It’s good to hear that other nations are undertaking the preventative/early detection screening.

  3. It might be worth inquiring, Bushka, as to whether screening is possible, say via your GP practice, or, asking whether there is a programme. It makes sense as an preventative/early detection tool, one which is in medical terms, economic to apply and less costly on services in the longer term.

  4. There may be an upper age limit for automatic inclusion into a screening programme, it should not, however, preclude you from being able to check out your health status upon request.

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