Sometime ago, I responded to a blog friend who had posted a small book review in the book forum. As you know, any friends groups comments etc show up on blog sites friends are linked to. Today, I received a comment to the ‘chat’ about the book I had with said blog friend, which as I said, was not a recent posting. It was from someone I do not know, someone who may have happened upon the book group and this quite old friendly exchange with my blog friend.

The comment from the stranger was personally offensive; perhaps it was the only way this individual knew how to communicate. Nevertheless, it was unacceptable. I made it crystal clear that I do not indulge in offensive communications with any blog contacts, suggesting to the writer that s/he should also abide by that ethic.

Perhaps I have been too tolerant, however, if there is a repeat, I will be reporting such comments as inappropriate and/or abusive.



  1. People who have to use language like that really arent respecting the people on blog.co.uk.There is no use for bad language.I think everything can be expressed without unpleasant language.After all we can express everything here .

  2. As the group is an open group, I am not clear how you go about reporting offensive behaviours. I don’t make a habit of visiting the book site, even less likely to if it attracts such coarse communications.

  3. What you say is very true Flutes48. In addition to bad language, it is also about not being personally offensive and abusively accusatorial.

    Thank you for calling in with your comment, much appreciated.

  4. The control and editing issues have come up before with group blogs, it appears there is some kind of gap that needs addressing, unless there’s something the individual can do themselves that is not obvious.

    I have seen a third party aggressively intervening on one group blog (that shall be nameless). Personally, I don’t find it satisfactory if the only way to filter inappropriate action is through the blog ‘managers’. A supportive role if asked for, is fine. I don’t ‘do’ groups and this is one reason why.

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